Call for papers: 4th International Conference of Marketing, Strategy & Policy

Call for papers: 4th International Conference of Marketing, Strategy & Policy

About the Conference:

Power of innovation and analytics helped companies during COVID-19 to deal with high-stakes issues such as delayed deliveries from manufacturers’ perspective and not so serious concerns such as delayed deliveries at the consumers’ end. Building resilience for reversing the situation by lowering the risk of issues with high-stake activities such as delays in deliveries sent by manufacturers and increasing concern for low-impact initiatives such as delay in delivery to consumers is important. The delays have left far reaching impact in a world that was globally inter-connected and has been crippled by COVID-19, making it important for manufacturers, retailers, brand owners, supply chain partners to not only identify but also to identify and highlight, but also to mitigate the risk. Hence, it has become important for scholars to combine advanced tools and techniques with different business strategies to build resilience with a conscience of responsibility towards safety, health and inclusion of not only consumers, but also employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Scholars are encouraged to submit their conceptual and empirical research outputs related to but not limited to topics below:

  • What kind of information do managers require to build a model of resilience that focuses on safety, health and/or inclusion for sustainability?
  • How can analytics enable managers to build a business model of resilience that focuses on safety, health and inclusion for sustainability?
  • Under what conditions and mechanisms the relationship between information, analytics and strategy improve performance with a focus on safety, health and/or inclusion, during situations of crisis for sustainability?
  • What kinds of information-related strategy would support the analytics process for building resilience that focuses on safety, health and/or inclusion by both services and manufacturing companies for sustainability?
  • Are there any innovative business models that can enable managers to operationalize findings or interpretations of the data after analytics for solutions that focus on safety, health and/or inclusion for sustainability?
  • How can managers match or differentiate or distinguish between right or wrong information for building right strategy to build their focus on safety, health and/or inclusion for sustainability?
  • Are there any obstacles associated with the use of analytics for building a resilience framework for any kind of business that focuses on safety, health and/or inclusion for sustainability?
  • What are the drivers and barriers for companies to use analytics for building a resilient business model that focuses on safety, health and/or inclusion for sustainability?
  • To include economic/financial impact of Covid on supply-chain contagion
  • Role of financial marketing

The synchronous presentations including keynotes, parallel sessions and discussion sessions with a session with editors of top journals and a workshop for paper development and PhD Colloquium will be held online via Zoom. The breakout sessions will provide opportunities to people with diverse ranges and locations to converse and exchange notes with other participants.

  • Participants at the MSP conference are welcome to apply to participate in the PDW. To apply:
    • Your working paper, or extended abstract (i.e. your MSP conference submission), must be no fewer than 5 and no more than 40 double-spaced pages. Your submission must have a cover page that includes: the author names and affiliations; three to four keywords; and an email address for the lead/contact author. An abstract of up to 200 words should be provided on the first page.
    • You agree to your paper being shared with, and discussed in, a small group of participants arranged by the workshop facilitators.
    • You must be willing and able to provide a short (5-minute maximum) overview of your paper to others in the discussion group.
    • You must commit to contributing to the whole workshop if your paper is accepted.

A maximum of 8 submissions will be accepted for the PDW and the process is competitive. However, there will also be a general ‘meet the editors’ session at the conference which will be open to all, where there will be an opportunity to ask questions and seek guidance on general points.

Meet the Editors:

Journal of Business Research
British Journal of Management
Academy of Management Learning & Education
Production & Operations Management
Journal of Retailing

The papers presented in the “Retailing” track will receive feedback from the Editorial team of Journal of Retailing, who will be participating in the track.

A selection of papers submitted will be invited to a Round Table meeting for a discussion about their papers with the Editor of Production and Operations Management.

Journal Special Issues:

Journal of Business Research: Selected best papers presented at the conference will be invited to submit to 1) a special section in the journal and 2) a special issue on “Unconventional Sources of Innovation and Sustainability: Opportunities, Challenges, and Dilemmas of Technology.

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management: Selected best three papers on hospitality and tourism presented at the conference will be invited to be considered for publication

Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal: Selected papers will be invited to submit to the special issue.

European Journal of International Management: A special issue on “Sustainable Orientation of Consumer Generations: COVID-19 and Crisis Impact on Global Community”.

Asian Business and Management: A special issue on “Managing people, markets and businesses in the new India”.

European Journal of International Management: A special issue on “The foreign investment decision process in times of digital transformation – A tribute to Yair Aharoni”

Corporate Reputation Review: A special issue on “Place identity/branding, reputation and e-marketing: Solutions during and after global pandemic crisis”.

Sustainability: Sustainable Tourism in International Context: Solutions during and after Global Pandemic Crisis.

For more information, please write to

Executive Board of the Conference:

Prof Suraksha Gupta, Newcastle University, UK
Dr Yichuan Wang, Sheffield University, UK
Dr Pantea Foroudi, Middlesex University, UK
Dr Rama Kanungo, Newcastle University, UK
Dr Francesco Schiavone, University Parthenope, Italy
Dr Parth Patel,Australian Institute of Business, Australia
Dr Yousra Asaad, Brunel University, UK
Dr Sena Ozdemir, Lancaster University, UK
Prof Kavita Sharma, University of Delhi, India
Dr Hema Yadav, National Institute of Agricultural Marketing, India
Dr Dongmei Cao, Coventry University, UK

Organizing Committee of the Conference:

Mahipal Bukya, Manipal University, India
Shubhangi Grover, Manipal University, India
Hardik Jain, Manipal University, India
Rui Liu, Newcastle University, UK
Samina Sumrin, Newcastle University, UK
Emmanuel E. Lulandala, University of Delhi, India
Reza Marvi, Middlesex University London, UK
Jaykar Sodagiri, University of Delhi, India
Dongmei Zha, Middlesex University London, UK

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