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Business Law Department, Law Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University

The Law School of Moscow State University is Russia’s leading educational and legal research institution. The school merges in its work the classical academic culture and the latest requirements of the job market. It is for a reason that the school’s motto is “Traditions and development”.

About the conference:

Literature and Law have been breathing in each other’s frame from the very beginning destined to meet as distinct entities with overlapping scope. Indeed, they speak to each other, and speak of each other, in ways that suggest a knowing commonality. The harmony between literature and
law is yet to be defined in a broader context. The exact nature of the relationship between law and literature, however, with all its social and political complexities, remains like unanswered questions inviting multiple
The International Conference on Literature and Law aims to open up the field of Law and Literature by bringing together writers, social scientists, musicians, artists, poets, and law researchers to explore the integrated space and study the nature, impacts and prospective future it exhibits. The
relationship between Law and Literature is an important and less explored one and the Conference seeks to inspire extensive deliberation.
This conference brings scholars of Literature and Law into an interdisciplinary setting to share their research. We invite proposals for papers and panels that address topics related to cultural, literary and legal aspects while encompassing the theme of this year’s conference,
“Literature Epitomizing Society and Justice.” While the focus is primarily on the inextricable relation between Literature and Law, the organizers would welcome comparative papers as well. We welcome papers from academicians, lawyers and literary scholars with novel and innovative research objectives.


The papers can be but are not limited to the following subthemes:

  • Women Rights and Literature
  • Children’s Rights and Literature
  • The Concept of Justice Intertwined in Literature
  • Dispute resolution and literature
  • Literature and Human Rights
  • Literature and Gender Studies
  • Queer literature and Law
  • Literature related to Indigenous Rights
  • Literature and Realism
  • Labor exploitation and literature
  • Law, Politics, and Ideology in literature
  • Peace through the Prism of Literature
  • Sexual Offences and Sexuality in Literature and Law
  • Importance of language in grooming future Lawyers.
  • Role and Changing Status of Women in Society.
  • The Voice of Democracy in Literature & Law.

Important dates:

Last date of submission of Abstract: 10 February 2021

Last date of submission of Full Paper: 25 February 2021


  • Dr. Apeksha; Assistant Professor; Faculty of English, School of Liberal Education, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India
  • Dr. Navtika Singh Nautiyal; Director (Human Rights Department) Knowledge Steez


  • Ms. Priyam Singh; Assistant Professor; Faculty of English, School of Law, Galgotias University; Greater Noida, India

Conference date: 14 March 2021

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