NLIU Bhopal Six Weeks Online Certificate Course In Company Law (16th May-24th June, 2022)

NLIU Bhopal Six Weeks Online Certificate Course In Company Law (16th May-24th June, 2022)


The National Law Institute University (NLIU) Bhopal was established by the Act No. 41 of the State Legislature of Madhya Pradesh in 1997 (restructured in 2018). The NLIU has earned a frontline status of an institution imparting quality legal education, researching cutting edge areas of law and organising workshops, seminars and training programs. NLIU is one of the select few Centres / Institutions in the country providing a Certificate Course in Company Law.

As a part of the distance learning courses, NLIU is also planning to launch various Diploma Course in different subjects. Thus, to promote research and develop professional expertise in the field of Company Laws, a Certificate Course has been designed by the faculty of NLIU for the benefit of the stakeholders. This course shall provide insights on Company Law which shall help the participants to fervently apply the knowledge and counteract the malpractices which are prevalent in the Indian markets.

About the Certificate Course:

NLIU, Bhopal is offering a Six Weeks Certificate Course in Company Law. The Certificate Course aims to develop the skills, which are required to deal with the legal and practical aspects related to regulation of Corporate regime in India. The program tends to provide practical knowledge pertaining to the field of Company operations and various Compliance requirements under the Companies Act, 2013. The Certificate Course has been designed for people who wish to fully grasp the impact of Company Law on business strategy, and development in light of the regulatory framework in India.

Course Objectives:

  1. To introduce the students to basic tenets of Company Law regime.
  2. To conduct an area specific study of Company related matters in India.
  3. To develop clear understanding among the students about the practical situations faced by the various stakeholders of Indian Company Law regime in their professional life.
  4. To impart knowledge of the contemporary developments in Indian Company Law.

Course Outline:

This course extends over Six Units and covers different areas relating to Indian Company Regulation regime. This course is intended to cover all the major aspects of Company Law which bears importance for practical Company operations in India. The course has been designed in such a manner which provides the student a step by step guide to deal with different Company Law related issues in India. Special care has been taken by the course Coordinator to make the course Units more compatible even for the students having non-legal background.

This certificate course involves extensive study of Company related Regulatory framework and Compliance requirements in India. This course shall not only provide the students with basic understanding of the Company regulations in India but shall also provide an extensive over-view of the Company related legal issues with the help of suitable illustrations and judicial decisions.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The course shall inform and educate the participants about the basic and essential tenets of Indian Company Law Regime.
  2. The course shall bring awareness to the students about the rights of affected parties (against irregular company operations) in India.
  3. The course shall impart education to the students about the various flaws in existing Company Law and how the judiciary has responded to them.
  4. The course shall make the students able to develop analytical perspective about the existing Company Law framework so as to enable them to suggest necessary changes.


The course is designed for stakeholders interested in acquiring professional knowledge and practical skills in the area of Company Law. Anyone who is pursuing any Degree or has a Degree in any discipline shall be eligible to peruse this Certificate Course. The minimum pre- requisite for undertaking the Certificate Course is access to the Internet and a Computer system with good audio & video facility. The Certificate Course shall be of great value and importance to candidates from the following fields:

  •   Academicians;
  •   Researchers;
  •   UG and PG Students;
  •   Company Stakeholders;
  •   Members of various Enforcement agencies; and
  •   Advocates;Course Content:

Teaching-Learning Methodology:

Teaching Learning Methodology includes Lectures and Live Chats, Texts, Quiz, Case analysis, Presentations, Sessions by subject experts from Academia and Industry to foster necessary capabilities in candidates to handle practical Competition concerns.

Mode of Delivery:

The Course would be delivered through online medium, i.e. CISCO Webex platform only. All the e-reading material and e-reference material shall be provided through the online mode. The candidates may consult the faculty concerned through emails or online appointments.

Class Timings:

Classes for the Certificate course in Company Law shall be held in the evening (6:00 pm – 7:15 pm) on Week days (Monday-Friday) only.

Evaluation Method & Attendance:

After completion of the course, there shall be one Course Assessment (which shall be a Computer Based Test) to be conducted by NLIU, based on the contents of all Units. This assessment would consist of objective-type multiple-choice questions, for 100 marks (100 questions of 1 mark each). carrying 50 marks. It shall be mandatory to obtain minimum 50% marks the Assessments for successful completion of the course. Only the candidates, who obtain 50% marks in the said assessment will be eligible for the certificate. The candidates obtaining less than 50% marks will not be awarded the certificate. Please note that a candidate can attempt that Assessment only once. No Repeat examination shall be conducted in any case. The candidates are required to attend at least 75% of online lectures and score at least 50% of marks (as mentioned above) to complete the Certificate Course and become eligible for the issue of the Certificate.

Grading System (Percentage of Marks & Grade):

80% and above 70% – 74%
60% – 64%
50% – 54%

– O – A – B – C

75% – 79% 65% – 69% 55% – 59%

– A+ – B+ – C+

Total Seats available: 500 (On a First-Come, First-Served basis) Course Fees:

The interested candidates would be required to pay Rs. 3,000/- as the Certificate Course Fees vide the link created in the application page at NLIU website.

COURSE SYLLABUS UNIT – I: Introduction to Company

Features of Company – Kinds of Companies – Procedure for Incorporation of companies – Promoters and Pre-incorporation Contracts – Memorandum of Association & Doctrine of Ultra vires – Articles of Association – Doctrine of Constructive Notice – Doctrine of Indoor Management – Concept of Separate Legal Entity & Lifting the Corporate Veil

UNIT – II: Corporate Finance and Securities

Shares and Share Capital – Debenture – Charge – Prospectus – Public Offer & Private Placement – Borrowing Powers of Companies

UNIT – III: Members of Company and their Rights

Modes of Acquiring Membership – Rights and Privileges of Members and Shareholders – Transfer and Transmission of Securities – Dividend and Rules as to Payment of Dividend.

UNIT – IV: Management and Administration of Company

Directors (Powers & Functions) – Duties and Liabilities of Directors – Meetings – Oppression and Mismanagement – Class Action – Corporate Governance – Corporate Social Responsibility -Corporate Criminal Liability – Vigil Mechanism –Corporate Fraud.

UNIT – V: Control over Companies

Company Law Tribunal – Serious Fraud Investigation Office – National Financial Reporting Authority – Securities Exchange Board of India – Powers of Central Government.

UNIT – VI: Corporate Restructuring, Liquidation and Winding up

Corporate Restructuring – Merger and Demerger of Company – Amalgamation, Compromise and Arrangement -Winding up

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