Law School Solidarity Scholarship in Canada in 2023

Law School Solidarity Scholarship in Canada in 2023

We invite you to find the UL Faculty of Law Solidarity Scholarship in Canada for the year 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

Find all the requirements and conditions to be able to apply for this  scholarship in Canada .

Indeed, you must meet the requirements requested by the organization in order to benefit from this scholarship.

Thus, in this scholarship in Canada for the year 2023, we invite you to discover:

– Scholarship data

Here is a summary of the main facts about this scholarship that you absolutely need to know:

  • Year of scholarship:  2023
  • Country:  Canada
  • Scholarship Name: UL Law School Solidarity Scholarship
  • Organization: Laval University
  • Level of study: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate
  • Scholarship specialty: Law
  • Grant amount: Variable
  • Deadline to Apply: July 31, 2023
  • Target Countries:  All countries
  • Group:  All groups
  • Number of scholarships:  N/A
  • Similar scholarships: Université Laval scholarships

2- Description of the scholarship

There are many opportunities to apply for scholarships and various awards.

Be sure to take the time to consider your options.

It is very important to plan for financial support when planning the next stage of your studies as a graduate student.

Financial planning for graduate students is a must.

The primary objective is to financially support students of the Faculty of Law who have a current budget deficit that prevents them from meeting their basic needs and for whom the pursuit of studies may be compromised.

Short programs (microprograms, certificates, DESS), preparatory education and free studies are also eligible.

However, please note that any student with visiting student status is not eligible.

3- How to apply for the scholarship?

Before applying for a scholarship, you must first prepare your CV and cover letter.

Indeed, any scholarship file must include these two essential documents.

To help you craft your resume and cover letter, we suggest you read these two articles:

To apply for these scholarships, please apply through the link below.

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