International Conference on Social And Regional Resilience: Looking Through The Pandemic Lens by TISS

International Conference on Social And Regional Resilience: Looking Through The Pandemic Lens by TISS

Date: Dec. 14, 2022 – Dec. 16, 2022 

Venue: TISS, Campus, Mumbai

Human history has been punctuated by pandemics. From the ‘Plague of
Justinian’ in 415-549, the ‘black death’ in 1346-1353, to the ‘Spanish flu’ in
1918-1920, pandemics have had devastating consequences for health,
travel, and economy, for societies. The scourge of COVID-19, which arose
from China in the last quarter of 2019, has emerged as one of the major
pandemics of the 21st century affecting approximately 595 million persons
till August 2022 and causing death of about 6.5 million individuals across
countries of the world. The exact estimates of the human toll of the
pandemic are yet to be determined. The contagion has had deep regional
socioeconomic and health impacts, devastating the economic and social
life of several countries. Covid-19 put the brakes on the rapid globalization
of the world, impacting physical and social interactions between people
and countries.

The 53rd Annual International Conference of RSA focuses on the impacts
of COVID-19 on individuals, communities, societies embedded in different
regions and spaces. The subtopics of the conference include, but are not
limited to, the following:

  • The social and economic impacts: economy, enterprises and labour,
    mobility, tourism, education.
  • Impacts on health and leisure: Individual, communities, spaces, and
    mental health.
  • Digitalization, digital traps, and resilience.
  • Corona-metrics and forecasting.
  • Social, economic and individual characteristics of resilient communities and regions.
  • Approaches towards building resilient communities in urban, rural,
    regional, or local subsystems.
  • Interaction among government, corporate, non-profit, local
    government, and individuals to address common needs and social
  • Case studies of individuals and communities who absorbed and
    recovered from the impact of the pandemic.

We invite concise and factual abstracts of 500 words highlighting the
research problem, data, methods and major findings. Uncommon
abbreviations should be avoided. References should be commonly avoided
in the abstract. Kindly follow the following format for preparing the
abstract. Submit abstract at:

TITLE OF THE RESEARCH PAPER (Times New Roman 14pt Bold)
Name Surname 1, * Name Surname 2, Name Surname 1,2 (Times New Roman 12pt)
1 Designation and Affiliation (Times New Roman 12pt)
2 Designation and Affiliation (Times New Roman 12pt)
*e-mail id of corresponding author (Times New Roman 11pt)

Abstract should be written using the Times New Roman 12pt normal font. Italics may be used for emphasising. Do not use bold or underline for highlighting any text within the abstract.

Each abstract must be accompanied by three to five key words. 1.5 line spacing must be used for writing the entire abstract. Abstract not written in prescribed format and maintaining the word limit will be rejected. (Times New Roman 12pt)

Keywords: Three to five keywords. (Times New Roman 12pt)

Entries for the Best Paper Award should be marked
“SUBMISSION FOR COMPETITION” and must be a single author paper.

Last Date for Abstract Submission: 30th October, 2022
Intimation about Abstract Acceptance: 15th November, 2022
Registration Deadline: 30th November, 2022
Full Paper Submission: 10th December, 2022


To register for the conferenece and submit the abstract for presentation kindly fill-up the form

Send abstract and scanned proof of payment to the Conference email id:

Members of RSA India and RSAI: INR 2500/-
PG Students : INR 1000/-
Nonmembers (India): INR 3000/-
Nonmembers (SAARC): INR 4000/-
Nonmember (Non-SAARC countries): € 80.00 /-

Registration fees will cover abstract volume, registration kit, working
lunch and tea and e-certificates of participation/ presentation.

Registration Fees to be Sent by Bank Transfer Only Account Details:
Name of Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: Vikas Bhawan, salt Lake
Account Name: regional science Association
Account No: 37364653656
IFSC: SBIN0007816
Swift Code: SBININBB


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