Call for papers ( December 2021) : TMYS review

Call for papers ( December 2021) : TMYS review

TMYS review working on the theme of Migration, Displacement and Resettlement.

The series began with Ambition Based Migration by the Indian diaspora in collaboration with the University of Birmingham; followed by Floods Driven Displacement of Victims in collaboration with Environmental Humanities Center, Amsterdam.

TMYS Review December 2021 will explore Women’s Resettlement and Displacement with reference to the gender identity and social inequality, focussing on three sub-themes:

1. Widow’s Migration – the socio religious and political stimulants.

2. Inter-Caste & Inter-Community Weddings – the social and personal biases against women.

3. Crimes Against Women – physical and psychological rehabilitation for victims of rape and acid attack.


1. Youth engagement with a network of entities that have researched or contributed towards exposing the factors causing social discrimination and dysfunctionalities.

2. To curate critical insights for global learning and inspiration on the social, political and personal dynamics of women’s resettlement in response to the world they inhabit.

3. Invite attention towards gender identity being constantly disrupted with compulsions imposed by an external world, interfering with the women’s inner world. 


1. TMYS Review Dec 2021 invites essays, short stories or poems on the mentioned theme; the submission must cater to one of the sub-themes.

Please scroll below for SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

2. Solo and panel discussions on the sub-themes will be hosted live on TMYS social media.  

Please scroll below for DIGITAL CONVERSATIONS for the titles and the delegate speakers.

3. Submissions citing one or more discussions from the DIGITAL CONVERSATION/S for information and inputs will carry additional weightage.

4.  A selection of short stories, essays and poems will be published in TMYS Review December 2021.

5. The compilation of December 2021 issue will reach all the delegate speakers engaged in the project and will also reach the digital libraries of the colleges/universities through the professors.

6. The net profit (80% of sales) from TMYS Review – December 2021 issue will be distributed equally among all winning contributors. 

7. The selected contributors will be notified via email. Excerpts from the selected stories and essays will be highlighted on social media, during Dec 2021-Jan 2022. Other than sending email intimations, all winners will be announced in December 2021 on the social media handles of TMYS: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram.

8. Three winning contributions will receive a Certificate of Excellence from Oxford  University Press.

Who can submit : Primarily, emerging, established or independent scholars.


1.TMYS Review invites short stories, poems or essays on the above-mentioned theme. All submissions to TMYS Review that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected.

2. The submissions MUST justify either or more of the sub-themes mentioned above. The content doesn’t need to restrict to Indian situations. We welcome contributions on and from other parts of the world.

3. Selected submissions will be published in TMYS Review December 2021.

4. The contributors are free to refer to our digital conversations with the delegates (details above). At the end of the submission files, the citation must mention the referred talks if consulted.

(Submissions with such citations will carry greater weightage for selection/recognition.)

5. The short stories could be fiction or nonfiction, 1200-2000 words.

The essays should be 2500-3000 words. Essay submissions should be accompanied by an Abstract (no more than 300 words). Works cited in essays should follow MLA8 format.

Submission upto 5 poems will be accepted against each registration.

6.Last date of submission: 30th October 2021.

7. All submissions should be accompanied with the bio-brief (around 150 words) and photograph of the author.

8. All submissions should be in word files, to be attached and emailed to; while making a submission, mention in the subject line <the title of the essay/story/poem, name of the delegate speaker in citation (if it applies) and December 2021.

9. All submissions should use Calibri/Times New Roman, font size 12; font size 16 for headings and font size 14 for sub headings if any. Line spacing : 1.5.

10. Only original and previously unpublished work will be considered.

11. A participation fee of INR 200/- (USD 3) will be charged per contribution. This is a  non-refundable fee, but we will do our best to cooperate in case you have made an error that can be corrected to help you resubmit.  In each such case, our decision will be final.

You may make a NEFT payment to our bank, you will receive complete tax waiver. 

Tell Me Your Story OPC Pvt. Ltd.

A/c no : 059685800000177, Yes Bank.  Branch – Shankardhan Plaza Junction, MM Road, Mulund West, Mumbai 400080, IFS Code : YESB0000596.

Contributors outside India can send us an email and we shall raise a Paypal link for them.

12. Post making the payment, please send a mail at to register yourself.

13. Simultaneous/multiple submissions are accepted, with the same fee for each submission.

14. Decision of the Project Team and the Editors will be final.

15. Contact for Queries : write QUERIES in subject line and send us an email at .

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