International Conference on Revitalizing social institutions for peace and environmental protection @ Lovely Professional University on 26th March 2022


About the Conference

Persecution, injustice and abuse continue to plague the modern civilization, Building effective accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels is imperative to promote peaceful, just and and all levels is imperative to promote peaceful, just and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

Every democratic society also need compassion, a solid moral compass and commitment to ensure peace everywhere. School of law, Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India is organizing a One Day International Virtual Conference on Revitalizing social institutions for peace and environmental protection on 26th March, 2022.

The conference aims to bring together leading academicians, students, research scholars, advocates, judges, NGOs, Journalists and social activists to exchange ideas and share their experience and their research results on a premier interdisciplinary platform.

The learning objectives of the conference are:

  • to identify the legal issues and gaps in legal mandate
  • to analyze the implementation
  • to explore contemporary policy narratives and practices
  • to evaluate the role of voluntary organizations and social activists.

Main themes of the conference

  • Evaluating the role of international and national institutions in insuring peace, justice and inclusion
  • Governance, transparency and justice
  • Evaluation of policies at national and international level to create transparency, accountability and engagement during times of crisis
  • Transforming governance through inclusive processes and the whole society
  • The gender dimension of problem: Lessons learned and implications
  • Global warming and natural disaster
  • Environmental injustice and climate change
  • Identifying Socio-economic inclusion
  • Impact of climate change on vulnerable sections of society
  • Water high Risk factors
  • Climate Change and Developing World
  • Accelerating the implementation of sustainable development goals

Sub Themes

  • International Relations, Peace and Justice
    • Public access to information on fundamental freedom
    • Religion and Peace
    • Culture and Society
    • Education and Peace
    • Right to Self Determination
    • Sovereignty and Compulsive Methods of Dispute Settlement
    • International territorial conflicts
    • International Relations
    • Peace negotiation and mediation
    • Geo-Politics
    • Invasion and Use Of Force
    • War Crimes
    • Refugees and human right crisis
    • Covert operations: Unprincipled/ Unjustified Killings
    • Custodial Killings
    • Global humanitarian crisis
    • Media, Conflicts and human rights
    • Equal access to justice
    • Transparency and and accountability of the institutions
    • Any other issue related to international peace and Justice
  • Social Justice
    • Poverty eradication
    • Food and Security
    • Child morality
    • Local Institutions and inclusive Socities
    • Gender Equality
    • Gender Discrimination and inequality in family
    • Socio-legal inclusion of LGBT rights: issues and challenges
    • Caste and religious discrimination in public institutions
    • Any other issue related to social justice
  • Environmental Justice
    • Environmental Peace Building
    • Water allocation rights
    • Water Disputes
    • Global environmental governance and international agreements
    • Ecocide
    • Tribal Justice
    • Local Ecosystem
    • Disaster management
    • Water Pollution
    • Green Energy
    • Any other issue related to the Environmental Justice

Important Dates

Abstract Submission: 20th March 2022

Abstract Acceptance: 22nd March 2022

Full Paper Submission: 25th March 2022

Last date for Registration: 25th March 2022

Conference Date and Time: 26th March 2022 (10:00 A.M.)

Contact Information

Ms. Ankit Paul Kaur (Assistant Professor) +91 86990 22902

EMAIL: [email protected]

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