Call for Papers: 1st National Conference on Constitutional Law by Institute of Legal Education [Online](Aug 13 & 14): Register by July 30

Call for Papers: 1st National Conference on Constitutional Law by Institute of Legal Education [Online](Aug 13 & 14): Register by July 30

Institute of Legal Education is a Legal Institute to Promote the Legal Education managed by I.L.E. Educational Trust (Former Institution known as “Indian Journal of Legal Review”). ILE has been established with the vision of excellence in legal education and research.

About the National Conference

The Legal Conference is a bar of Intelligence. The Legal Philosophical Ideologies are innovated and cultured by the discussion of Intelligence. 1st National Conference on the Constitutional Law, 2022 is being organized by the Institute of Legal Education. 

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar at the Constituent Assembly (November 1948) said that “I am glad that the draft Constitution has … adopted the individual as its unit”. Indian Constitution is the Lengthiest in the world even proclaimed. It has checks and balances between Basic Structure and Modern Society demands.

Mahendra P. Singh Commented that “Constitutions, as is famously said, are expected to endure into infinity. Anything, which is conceived to be infinite, must be constantly shaped up in order to keep pace with infinity. If we want our Constitution to survive forever it must remain in an ever-building process. That process is not automatic, it has to be engineered by us. Any laxity or wrong step on our part in this regard will falsify the proposition, at least in respect of our Constitution, that constitutions are made forever. Therefore, constantly strengthening the foundations of the Constitution we have to keep on building it upon them. “

The Constitutional Conference is a Celebration event to commemorate 75 years of Indian Independence and the glorious history of its people, Rights, and Freedom by the Institute of Legal Education.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the event is to bring the Researchers, Jurist, academicians, practitioners, and students of Law together in order to learn and share their legal knowledge. The objective of the Conference is to Research, discuss, and make deliberations on the following objectives:

  • To Promote the Importance of the Constitution of India;
  • To Identify the Issues and Challenges of the Constitution over the 75 Years;
  • To Understand the Evaluation of the Constitution. 


Everyone is welcome to participate in the conference and express their thoughts and ideas. The conference is open to Law Students, Advocates, Professionals, Jurists, Members of the Academia, as well as Non-Law Students. 


The Conference themes are focused on the following:

  • Evaluation of the Constitution in India Since 1946
  • The Constitution – Freedoms and Rights

Sub Themes

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation of the Constitution in India Since 1946
    • The Constitutional Debaters Futurist Ideologies and Current Scenario
    • The Constitution and its supremacy over the 75 Years
    • The Preamble – Diamond of the Constitution
    • The Constitutional Review
    • Judicial Review and its enforcement
    • 105 Amendments – Its Importance and Effects
    • Unsolved Historical and Political Issues like Article 44, Reservation, etc.
    • The Constitutional Current Trends by the Judiciary
    • Provisions for individual development and fair LGP.
  • The Constitution – Freedoms and Rights
    • Evaluation of Freedom of Speech and Expression in the Digital Era
    • Privacy Freedom and State Control
    • Freedom of Press and Mob Mentality
    • Right to Religion – Post-Independence India and Independence India
    • Current Status of Right to Reject (NOTA)
    • Gender Rights and Constitutional Developments
    • Constitutional and judicial Protection on Languages in India
    • Protection Laws and Right to Protest
    • The Constitution and Human Rights in India
    • Right to Know – The Rose for Whistleblower or Thorns to the Good Governance

Submission Guidelines

  • General Guidelines
    • Research Papers and Articles must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 300 words.
    • Multiple authors and authorships are allowed. No single author can submit more than one paper on a single theme. An Author can submit no more than 3 papers in various sub-themes.
    • All works must be original and unpublished, and must not be pending for review before any other journal. Any form of plagiarism will result in immediate rejection.
    • All manuscripts must compile with the Indian Journal of Legal Review Journal’s (IJLR) Submission Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.
    • Any type of non-conformity with the submission guidelines will be a ground for Rejection.
  • Format
    • The Paper Must be in the category of Article (2000 – 3000 words) or Research Article (3000 – 8000 Words)
    • The manuscript should contain the name of the paper, name of the authors and their institutional affiliation.
    • The main body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman style, font size 12, with 1.5 line spacing.
    • Footnotes in Times New Roman Style, Size 10, with 1.0 line spacing.
    • All headings must have uniform formatting.
    • Texts and footnotes should conform to the Bluebook 20th Edition.

How to Submit

Full Paper along with PPT shall be submitted through the link provided. 

Registration Fee

There is no Registration Fee or Participation for this Conference to present your research.


Only the Top 10 papers will be published in the Indian Journal of Legal Review with ISSN No. 2583-2344. The Publication fee is INR 300/- (Fixed. No other charges will be charged at any stage of publication). The Publication fee must be paid after the Top Papers Confirmation.


  • Suggestions and inputs from Experienced and Learned Panelists;
  • All the Paper Presenters shall be provided with an e-Certificate of Presentation;
  • Selected papers shall be published in an ISBN Book (Publisher: Institute of Legal Education Publication House) with no Article Processing Charges and a Soft Copy of the Book shall be made available for free;
  • All participants will be provided with a participation certificate.


The Conference will be held by Virtual on Google Meet.

Important Dates

  • Last date for registration: July 30, 2022
  • Last date for submitting Full paper with PPT: August 5, 2022
  • Intimation of selection of papers: August 8, 2022
  • Inauguration and Panel 1: August 13, 2022
  • Panel 2 and Valedictory: August 14, 2022

Contact Information

In case of queries, contact Prasanna S, Program Director, and Coordinator at +91 94896 71437 (or) [email protected]

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