Rijeka Doctoral Conference
<br>RIDOC 2022

Rijeka Doctoral Conference
RIDOC 2022

Aim of the Conference
RIDOC is intended for doctoral candidates who wish to present and test their
preliminary research findings before academics and practicing lawyers, as
well as to discuss these findings with their peers at international level.
Eligible speakers are those enrolled in a doctorate study or a doctoral school
on the day of the deadline for applications. The topic of their doctoral
dissertation has to be in the field of law or other field provided the topic is
closely related to law. The conference language is English.

Conference Programme
The conference includes a keynote lecture by renowned experts to discuss
issues of methodology, writing, academic standards and integrity. The core of
RIDOC – the doctoral candidates’ presentations – are organised in several
thematic sessions chaired by panels of recognised academics and
practitioners in law. It is planned as an online and onsite event. Lunch and
refreshments will be provided by the organiser.
Programme Committee
Ivana Kunda (University of Rijeka) – president, Manuel Ignacio Feliu Rey
(Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Thalia Kruger (University of Antwerp),
Zlatan Meškić (Prince Sultan University), Agustín Parise (University of
Maastricht), Richard Parrish (Edge Hill University), Dharmita Prasad (O.P.
Jindal Global University), Maciej Serowaniec (Nicolaus Copernicus University
in Toruń), Sandra Winkler (University of Rijeka).

Call for Applications

The application has to contain the title of the
topic and an abstract of approximately 500
words, the applicant’s CV in Europass format,
brief data on the institution and the doctorate
study/school the applicant is enrolled in and
the applicant’s mentor. The deadline for
applications is 5 October 2022.


All applications are subject to review by the
Programme Committee composed of
recognised members of the academic
community and originating from various
countries. The results of the review will be
communicated to the applicants by 30
October 2022


Accepted topics will be presented at the
conference on 9 December 202. The most
successful candidates will have the
opportunity to offer her/his paper for
publication in the Collected Papers of the
Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka or the
Balkan Yearbook of European and
International Law (Springer)

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