Slogan Writing Competition:  by Centre for Law, Justice and Development ,NLU,Delhi

Slogan Writing Competition: by Centre for Law, Justice and Development ,NLU,Delhi

The Centre for Law, Justice and Development (CLJD), National Law University Delhi in collaboration with the Department of Justice, Government of India is working on a legal literacy and legal awareness program under Designing the Innovative Solutions for Holistic Access to Justice in India Scheme (DISHA) in Uttar Pradesh. To this end, CLJD invites students of National Law University Delhi to submit slogans that will help in disseminating legal awareness on different forms of violence against women at the grassroot level.

Who can apply?
Students, Researchers, Activists, and Professionals (any age group) from any field may participate.
The most creative, engaging, and effective slogan will be awarded a prize of: Rs. 2000/-

Submission Specifications:

  1. The language of the slogan should be clear, and conclusive.
  2. The slogan should be in Hindi
  3. Use of regional dialects from Uttar Pradesh will be given preference.
  4. Slogans should incorporate the themes mentioned above.
  1. Entries should not in any form contain seditious content, hate speech, confidential information or any kind of information that should not be disclosed to another party.
  2. Slogans not bearing legal awareness and legal rights on violence against women will not be considered.
    Timeline: Last date for submission of entries- 20th November 2022
  3. Submission of Entries:
    Submit your entries through this link
    Terms and Conditions:
    Any further query may be sent to
    i) The slogans should be original.
    ii) Multiple submissions by single author will not be entertained.
    iii) Only shortlisted participants will be contacted via email.
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