Call For Book Chapter/ Article Indian Foreign Policy

Call For Book Chapter/ Article Indian Foreign Policy

We feel immense privileged ni inviting you ot contribute through a research Article/chapter of your own choice falling under the central Theme of your research interest foran editing book to be published by renowned international publishing house (IP USA) with ISBN-Mark. The research Article/chapter should be orginal and unpublished The research paper should be send through E-mail only at the email Address mentioned below the reviewer team wil review the paper and finalize for publication. we would like you ot b e a p a r t o f t h i s i n s i g h t f u l j o u r n e y

Sub- Theme
1.India and Act East Policy
2.Economic Basis of India Foreign policy
.3Africas’ Rol ni India’s Foreign policy making
4.Indo- Russia relation ni the period of Russia – Ukraine War

5.India Russia Relations under putin

6. India and Middle East
7.COVID 19 and India Foreign Policy
8.Principles of foreign policy of India

9.India – US relation
10.Change ni Indian foreign policy during modi regime 11.Afghanistan crisis and India’s role
12.Soft Power Diplomacy
13.India and South East region

14. India and China dispute: Challenges and opportunities ni the Indo – Pacific region

15India Ukraine Relations
16 .Indo – Bangladesh relation

18.Role ofRussia in Ukraine crisis
19.Indo- Turkey.

20.India and South East Asia

21.India and South Asia

22.Indo- Nepal
23 Indo- – Africa relation

24.India and global Economy post COVID war Indio- Us Relations

25.India and BRICS

26.India and SARRC.

27.Indo- Japan
28 . Indo- Vietnam relation


  1. All Manuscript must be orginal and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference or book. All The submission must be through mail the links given below.
    .2 Permissible plagiarism: must not exceed more that 10./
  2. Initial writing format: 12 point font in new Time new Roman with 1.5 Spacing and Defaultmargins, 14 Size in bold for heading and 1Inch custom margin. .4 Hindi krutdev font size( 16 Font.)
  3. ThewordsLimitofAbstract-250-300words.
  4. The words Limit of Full paper-3000-5000 Words
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    • Reviewing support from IIP Reviewers
    • Plagiarism checking service through Turnitin • Submission management
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Fee charge
Single Author:700 Rs. For one copy(Hard copy and soft copy). Contents and vour Article/Chapter and for two Author 1400 Rs.

For any queries
Mail us: [email protected].

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