VAIDHA : Internship Opportunity [hiring a legal manager]

VAIDHA : Internship Opportunity [hiring a legal manager]

Work : help in developing and managing VAIDHA. This would be a paid opportunity and is only open to law students.

The work involved would be all sorts of vaidha’s management work.


1. Law Students from third year and above in five years Integrated LLB or second year and above in three years LLB can apply.

2. The student should be able to give a minimum two to three hours a day.

3. Work would be remote

4. Timings are flexible

How to Apply:

Interested students can apply by sending their CV on WhatsApp 7095288011 also mentioning why they are best equipped for this position.

*Just sending your CV will not suffice you need to mandatorily mention why you are best for this

The last date of application is today by 5pm [29th July 2022]

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