International Conference on Climate Justice and Sustainable Environment (ICCJSE) 2023 from 24 to 26 March 2023.

Climate Change has become an undeniable fact. The impact of anthropological and natural activities degrading the environment has unequivocally resulted in global warming, which may have triggered a ticking clock toward the global
apocalypse ending life on earth as we know it. Climate Change and Global warming have caused a threat not only to human lives but also to the lives of flora, fauna, and even micro-organisms. The increasing human population and needs have caused a significant increase in industrialization,commodification, and commercialization, which
has led to environmental issues such as deforestation, waste generation, increasing GHG and Non-GHG emissions, freshwater and ocean degradation, etc.

Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and holistic development of the student and staff. It aims to develop a sense of responsibility among the students and research scholars to serve society with the help of the field of law by developing skills concerning advocacy, legal service, legislation, law reforms, and the like. It aims to promote legal knowledge and to make law and the legal process efficient instruments of social development and social justice.


Gujarat Maritime University (GMU) is an endeavor of the Gujarat Maritime Board, Government of Gujarat,
to provide a fillip to the growth in the Maritime Sector by bridging the knowledge gap in the sector.
The prime objective of the University is to be a global centre of excellence in Maritime education, research and development, and professional training. It aims to enhance and increase the human
capital and capacity of the maritime industry both in India and across the globe. The University has
established its Centre for Maritime Environmental Law (CMEL) to foster active research on the contemporary issues of the ever-growing legal field and to promote capacity building.


Climate Change and Global Warming

Protection of Flora and Fauna

Biotechnology, Development vis-à-vis Environment and Agriculture

Freshwater Conservation

Sustainable Development Goals

Marine Environment


  1. Submission of Abstract:
    The authors are required to submit an abstract of not more than 500 words. The abstract should be direct
    and precise, containing the introduction of the topic, intended research, and expected conclusion. You
    can sub m i t a n a b s t r a c t v i a e m a i l t o [email protected]
  2. Complete Paper submission
    The paper shall be submitted as per the belowmentioned guidelines. Strict adherence to the guidelines must be ensured.
    Ÿ Font: Times New Roman
    Ÿ Font Size: Font size – 12 for text, 14 for Headings,
    12 for sub-headings, 10 for footnotes.
    Ÿ Margin- Top, Bottom, Rights side- 2.5 cm and Left
    Side- 3.5 cm
    Ÿ Spacing: Line Spacing – 1.5 for text and 1.0 for
    Ÿ Word limit –Maximum 15000 words (including
    Ÿ Page numbers – bottom center
    Ÿ Alignment – Justified, and layout must be A4 size.
    Ÿ Uniform APA 7th Edition Style must be followed
    with proper reference.
    Ÿ Submitted papers must be original and not sent
    forpublication elsewhere.
    Ÿ Plagiarism above 10% will result in automatic


For Foreign Experts : 100 USD
For Indian Experts : 3000 INR
For Foreign Students : 50 USD
For Indian Students : 1500 INR


Last date for submission of Abstracts- 20 February 2023. 23:59 IST
Confirmation of Acceptance- 24 February 2023
Submission of Full Paper- 17 March 2023. 23:59 IST
Last Date of Registration-10 March 2023
Submission of PPT-20 March 2023
Date of Conference-24 to 26 March 2023
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