Call for Papers :Journal of the Department of Human Rights and Duties Education (HRDE)  (Journal of TNDALU)

Call for Papers :Journal of the Department of Human Rights and Duties Education (HRDE) (Journal of TNDALU)

About the Journal
Journal of the Department of Human Rights and Duties Education (HRDE) is a half yearly, double blind, peer-reviewed journal which is published by the Department of Human Rights and Duties Education, The Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University, Chennai.
This Journal provides a forum for Human Rights and Duties ‘Protectors’ including Civil societies, NGOs, students and Professionals in general and Legal Scholars and Human Rights lawyers in particular.

Quality and Original research articles are invited from the academicians, professional, research scholars, students and any eminent person in the field of Human Rights and Duties. Authors are requested to submit original, unpublished manuscripts and not to submit manuscripts that are being considered for publication in other venues. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of statements included.

Abstract submission:
The final date of submission of the abstract is on or before 25th October, 2022. Abstract shall contain not more than 350 words and shall be accompanied with a covering letter which includes the details of the author and the institution. The acceptance of abstract will be intimidated through e-mail.

Guidelines for Manuscript Submission

  1. Page Layout:
    All articles should be submitted in single column text A4 Size paper (21.59 ×27.94 cm) with normal margins.
  2. Length: Manuscripts should normally be between 4,500 and 7,000 words (10 to 15 pages)
  3. File Type: Articles should be in submitted in Microsoft Word format. To facilitate the manuscript preparation process and speed up the publications process, please use the manuscript template.
  4. Title Page: The title page should start with a concise but descriptive title and the full names of authors along with their affiliations and contact information i.e. postal and email addresses shall be given. An abstract of about 350 words should appear below the title and author(s) followed by keywords (4 to 6).
  5. Text Style:
  6.  Use Times New Roman style with 12 point size.
  7.  Use 1.5 line spacing for paragraph.
  8. Figures and Tables: All figures and tables should be placed along with text. Please use high resolution graphics whenever possible and make sure figures and tables can be easily resized and moved.
  9. Acknowledgements: Acknowledgements should appear in a separate section before the reference list and after conclusion.
  10. Citations: Citations in-text should follow the author-date method (authors’ surname followed by publication year).
  11.  Several studies found … 1995; Garfield, 1955, Meho & Yang, 2007)
  12.  In a recent study (Smith & Jones, 2011) …
  13.  Smith and Jones (2011) investigated/studies …

Reference List:
A reference list, formatted in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) style, should be alphabetized by the first author’s last name.

Submissions Procedure
 All submissions are to be made in the electronic form and must be sent to
 Submissions must be received on or before 15th November 2022.
 Submissions received after the due date will not be considered for publication in this issue.

For any queries or clarifications kindly contact us Mail id:

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