Call for papers: Galgotias Journal of Legal Studies

About Galgotias Journal of Legal Studies

As part of our pursuit for the academic excellence and to contribute
to the body of knowledge, School of Law, Galgotias University
announces its forthcoming launch of its Galgotias Journal of Legal
Studies. It shall be an interactive online peer-reviewed journal. The
Journal shall focus on the dynamic role and effect of the law on
society and how it helps to engineer the changes within society. It
shall aim to have an interdisciplinary approach and provide a
platform for thoughts, opinions, ideas, concepts and suggestions
from various fields and sections ofpeople.
It shall intend to publish articles on various contemporary issues
such as confluence and congruence of science, technology and law,
legal and political efforts to combat the ecological imbalance without
sacrificing and further harnessing globalized development, issues
related to the intellectual proprietary rights and their contribution in
protecting and encouraging research development, creativity and its
ultimate contribution to the society, the legal recognition of victims
in the criminal justice system, the present- day hurdles of business
corporations as well as their active contribution towards fulfilling
their corporate social responsibility etc. The journal shall not limit
the scope of the article. It shall be entirely the author’s autonomy to
pen down his thoughts relating to legislation, legal policies, treaties,
conventions, law commission reports etc. which has a direct impact
on the society and its transformation.

About Call for Papers 2020

The Journal Committee of School of Law, Galgotias University hereby
invites articles/ research papers, case studies, and book reviews on the
contemporary topics of law and allied inter-disciplinary subjects for
publication in the Galgotias Journal of Legal Studies (GJLS) 2020 GJLS Vol.
VIII, Issue No. 1 & 2. The journal is a peer reviewed ISSN Serial No. 2321-
1997 publication from School of Law, Galgotias University. It showcases
contemporary issues and challenges specific to law, with an inter-disciplinary approach towards assimilating knowledge. It is an endeavor of the Institute to become the beacon of legal education by encouraging synthesis of knowledge and best practices cutting across the academia and researchfraternity.
The dynamics of socio-legal, political and economic changes taking place in
the global scenario has brought symmetric changes in the hitherto existing
legal paradigms. As a natural sub-theorem, it has led to new scholastic
inducements for in depth analysis in the sphere of law. Matching the pace, our journal ‘Galgotias Journal of Legal Studies’ strenuously endeavors to
assimilate changing legal perspectives both in native and global context and
intends to impel intellectual fraternity to address some of the pressing legal
issues which bother the civil society. Beginning from a wall and web-journal, we have published in volumes of the journal which is the testimony of our principled effort.
The Editorial Board of Galgotias Journal of Legal Studies is committed to
constantly upgrade the quality of journal and incessantly continues to propel itself to accomplish its well cherished objective to become a reputed, refereed and peer reviewed journal benefitting the law students plus academicians in particular and society in general.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Word Limits: The prescribed word limits for the submission of articles/research papers is 5000- 6000 words including footnotes. The articles/research papers must accompany an abstract in about 150-200 words along with a declaration that the article/research paper has not been published or sent for publication elsewhere.
  2. Authorship: Entries can be co-authored. However, a maximum of two authors per entry is allowed. Entries from all aspects of law whether
    direct or applied are welcome.
  3. Main Text
    • Submission must be in MS Word.
      Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing 1.5 and
      justified with a margin of 1.5 inch in left and 1.0
      inch in right, top and bottom.
    • Foot Notes: Times New Roman, Font size 10, spacing 1.0 and
      justified. Footnotes must be substantive.
  4. Contributors must provide a Cover Letter to accompany the manuscript submission. The Cover Letter should include the following
    1. I confirm that the citations in the attached manuscript are accurate.
    2. I confirm that I have read the submission policy and that my manuscript complies with the Journal’s submission policy.
    3. I confirm that any part of the manuscript does not violate any copyright of others.
  5. Citation: The Blue Book: A Uniform Method of Citation, 20th Edition should be strictly followed.
  6. Format of Submission: Please send in your submissions in MS/Open Word(*.doc OR *.docx), along with the following information: Full Name of the Author and Contact Details of the Author.

Submisiion Deadline: November 30, 2020

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