Short introductory courses on a variety of foundational topics in conflict management and peacebuilding. Micro-courses are approximately three hours in duration.for more details visit : to Peacebuilding [Micro] — Provides an overview of the main concepts and challenges that shape the work in the peacebuilding field, exposes learners to the various tools and types of interventions utilized in the field, and describes real-world examples that demonstrate the complex nature of peacebuilding.FREE

Conflict Analysis [Micro] — Defines and describes conflict analysis processes and the ways in which they inform the development and implementation of peacebuilding programs.
Available in Arabic.
Available in Spanish.FREE

Preparing for Peacebuilding [Micro] — Provides an overview of the strategic process of building peace when long-term violence has burdened a conflict-affected community and describes the seven necessary components that should be considered to make peacebuilding more effective.FREE

Negotiation: Shaping the Conflict Landscape [Micro] — Defines negotiation, describes the two main components of any negotiation process, and presents five different conflict styles that can be expressed and applied in a negotiation.
Available in Arabic.FREE

Mediating Violent Conflict [Micro] — Defines mediation and describes the various roles a third party can play, including as a mediator, and the various steps one follows when organizing and facilitating a mediation process.
Available in Arabic.FREE

Designing Community-Based Dialogue [Micro] — Introduces participants to dialogue as a practical and effective process for advancing conflict transformation and peacebuilding at the community level and focuses on designing and implementing a relevant, sustainable, and meaningful dialogue process.FREE

Nonviolent Action [Micro] — Explores the history and dynamics of nonviolent movements and presents the categories of specific methods of nonviolent action and some of the key theories that inform civil resistance strategies and campaigns.
Available in Arabic.FREE

Gender Inclusivity in Peacebuilding [Micro] — Introduces participants to the basic concepts, terminology, and rationale for the prevention, mitigation, and resolution of conflicts.FREE

Good Governance after Confict [Micro] — Provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities in achieving good governance within the complex context of conflict affected societies.FREE

Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation [Micro] — Presents an overview of essential principles in design, monitoring, and evaluation practice, defines the process of crafting a theory of change, and identifies key data collection methods.FREEIntroduction to Religion and Peacebuilding [Micro] — Provides an overview of the religious peacebuilding field, the role religion plays in driving both conflict and peace, examples of how religious actors and institutions have contributed to the prevention and resolution of conflict, and considerations for how best to engage the religious sector in peacebuilding.FREE

Media and Arts for Peace [Micro] — Identifies the importance of media and arts for peace, the critical role of creativity and storytelling, and how media and arts are utilized in post-conflict environments.for more details visit :

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