Three years experience required in bar to appear of judicial services exams

Press Release Dated 02.01.2021  

The Bar Council of India and all State Bar Councils are strongly in favour of a 3 year  minimum experience at the Bar to be prescribed for being considered eligible to sit  for a Judicial Service Exam. Presently, fresh law graduates are being allowed to sit  for Judicial Service Examination throughout the territory of India without having  any practical experience at the Bar. Judicial Officers not having practical experience  at the Bar are mostly found to be incapable and inept in handling matters. Most of  such officers are found impolite and impractical in their behavior with the Members  of the Bar and Litigants. They have lack of understanding of the aspirations and  expectations of Advocates and Litigants in the matter of proper and decent  behavior.  

The inexperience at the Bar is one of the primary and major reasons for delays in the  disposal of cases in the sub-ordinate Judiciary. Trained and experienced judicial  officers can comprehend and dispose of matters at a much faster pace, thereby  leading to efficient administration of justice.  

In the matter of All India Judges Association & others Vs. Union of India before the  Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the requirement of 3 year experience at the Bar had  been done away with by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India by passing an order  dated 21.03.2002. The Bar Council of India is filing an application before the Apex  Court to seek the modification of the said order.  

The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission had invited applications vide  notification bearing No.9/2020-RC dated 03.12.2020 for appointment of Civil Judges  Junior Division in the AP State Judicial Services for Advocates having a minimum  eligibility requirement of 3 years as practicing advocate.  

A Writ Petition (Civil) bearing No.1479/2020 has been filed before the Hon’ble  Supreme Court of India by the petitioner Mr. Regalagadda Venkatesh against the  State of Andhra Pradesh wherein he has challenged the above referred notification  on the ground that the requirement of 3 year experience at the Bar is illegal and  unwarranted.  

The Bar Council of India is filing another application to seek impleadment as a party  in the said matter and shall plead in favour of the urgency and requirement to have  a minimum 3 year experience at the Bar as a requirement to be eligible to sit in the  Judicial Service Exam.  

(Srimanto Sen)  


Bar Council of India 

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