2nd GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition 2021 in association with Cyber Law University


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With an objective to raise the standards of Clinical Legal Education in India, the GD Goenka University, School of Law announces 2nd GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition, 2021 in association with Cyber Law University, on 28th & 29th August 2021.
Moot Court Competitions, which is a mandatory part of the law curriculum in our law school offers a practical and application-based approach to learning law. It gives the law students, the necessary free space to interpret and analyze legal provisions in the context of a given legal regime while trying to solve a practical problem. The GDGU School of Law is dedicated to promoting this aspect of legal training for ensuring a wholesome legal education and the GD Goenka Virtual Moot Competition is an endeavor of the School of Law in this direction.
2nd GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition, 2021 in association with Cyber Law University is about technology law. Technology law focuses on intellectual property rights, a complex branch of the legal system that deals with disputes over who ‘owns’ intangible ‘property’, such as creative works, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Technology law helps protect the creatives who come up with these ideas and also ensures rights concerning the distribution of their work.


While there has been some effort done to create more awareness about Cyberlaw through different initiatives, it was felt that there is a distinct need for an online University that is dedicated specifically and exclusively to all the legal issues pertaining to cyberspace and the Internet. Herein lay the genesis of the origin of the idea of the Cyberlaw University. Cyberlaw University, as the name suggests, would be a unique university dedicated exclusively to Cyberlaw and related disciplines. As Cyberlaw is the law pertaining to cyberspace and the Internet, it is only in the fitness of things that Cyberlaw University operates in cyberspace as an online University.
Cyberlaw University is in touch with various universities and we are in the process of forming professional relationships with different academic institutions and universities. In the times to come, the goal of Cyberlaw University is to become one common central point for not just the growth of Cyberlaw jurisprudence across the world but also for disseminating knowledge about the constantly changing cyber legal trends impacting the use of computers, computer systems, computer networks, communication devices as also data and information in the
electronic form. Given the ever-evolving nature of the Internet, legal issues of cyberspace have developed rapidly


1.1 Students duly enrolled and pursuing full time 5 years or 3 years undergraduate law course from India or from a foreign university with law as major may apply to participate in 2nd GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition, 2021 in association with Cyber Law University.

1.2 Students enrolled and pursuing post-graduate diploma or short-term certificate courses in law is not eligible to apply.

Important Dates:

Lat Date to seek clarification: August 10, 2021 (11:59 PM IST)

Clarification release: August 15, 2021 (11:59 PM IST)

Last Date of memorial submission: August 21, 2021 (11:59 PM IST)

Registration Fee:

  • Rs.999 for Indian Students
  • 11$ for foreign students

Prizes worth Rs.5 Lakhs (6700$) in kind and cash

Contact Details:

8433191400- Shristi Bansal

7017183604- Ayush Gupta


Regarding the rules of the competition or any other queries, send your queries at [email protected].in with the subject line “Competition Problem-Queries”

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