National Conference on Child Rights and Development | Amity University Haryana & Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation [Register by 18th September 2021]

A three-day national-level discussion event titled ‘National Conference on Child Rights and Development’ is planned to be organized jointly by the Kailash Satyarthi Centre for Child Rights & Development, New Delhi and Amity University Haryana, Gurgaon on October 14-16, 2021 on Zoom platform.

The focus of the event will be on the steps that have been taken and are yet to be taken for Tending a Child with Care, Compassion & Concern in the times to come.

About the National Conference on Child Rights and Development

The conference will be a major event focusing on the ground realities, legal issues as well as the rights of children and youth for just and equitable treatment. It will hopefully provide a platform for the meeting of minds for academics, activists, lawyers, judges, government, non-government associations, psychologists, medical professionals and social scientists with a common interest in the protection and development of children.

The event will also make it possible to share the best practices to promote the rights of children. The aim is to move towards formalising clear action points to strengthen child protection and development processes in India, especially for girl-children, in order to ensure their wellbeing and right to a dignified life.

Although the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and various state governments, as well as a few NGOs, are concerned about the children’s issues, it is felt necessary to bring in government officials, jurists, mass media specialists, civil society organisations, philanthropists, experts and child rights practitioners from different parts of India together to pool their ideas and suggestions on a clearer roadmap for all of us.


Kailash Satyarthi Centre for Child Rights & Development and Amity University Haryana, Gurgaon


Vitual, over Zoom platform


Child Rights & Development

Under this broad theme five sub-themes for the conference are:

  1. Dignity
    • Dignity and rights of the child
    • Ensuring safety and dignity of girl child
    • Dignity of children with disabilities
    • Climate change and children’s dignity
    • Dignity and respect in the classroom


  • Understanding childhood freedom
  • Giving children freedom to make mistakes
  • Parenting practices and children’s freedom
  • Freedom through children’s eyes
  • Children’s right to freedom of opinion and expression in education


  • Rescue and rehabilitation of child labour
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked children
  • Rescuing children from sexual abuse
  • Protecting children from abusive parents
  • Child rescue stories/ best practices of child protection


  • Compassion and emotional development of children
  • Cultivating compassion among children: How, when and why?
  • Self-criticism and self-compassion among children
  • Compassion-focused therapy with children and adolescents
  • Communicating compassion in pedagogy: Lessons from COVID-19
  1. Learning
    • Learning crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Quality education and learning outcomes of children
    • Home-based learning/digital education of children
    • Learning deficit of tribal children: Challenges and ways out
    • Mother tongue-based education and learning of children
    • Experiential learning and children

The contributors to the paper may also submit the paper/proposal in any other related area, which is not covered in the list.


  1. Papers: (Presentation 20-25 minutes, followed by Q&A; Each session 40 minutes)
  2. Posters: Pre-recorded Statements/Explanations along with Posters or Moving Images
  3. Lightning Talks: 5 minutes length each plus two Q&a

This is a Call for Papers for:

  1. 300-word abstracts for 15 Full-Length Papers (Max 8,000 words) around the five themes given above, which would form 15 chapters of an anthology,
  2. 200-word proposals for 15 Lightning Talks spread over two days that may go under a separate section of the volume under ‘Brief Communications’ (2500-3000 words), and
  3. Still or Video Poster Presentations (in print 3 to 4 pages)

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: 18th September 2021
  • Communication of Acceptance: 22nd October 2021

Contact Details

e-mail: [email protected]

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