Paid Internship Opportunity at DCPCR Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights [Stipend Rs 3,000]: Applications Open!

About the DCPCR Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights

The Commission provides internships to young people across divisions and themes. Interns typically assist the Commission with background research, field visits, data analytics, preparing policy briefs/summaries, drafting letters/notices/summons, preparing meeting minutes, and documentation-related support, including social media. Full-time interns are paid a small stipend in addition to official travel reimbursements.

Job Role

  • Conduct background research on various child-related issues such as violence and abuse, child labour, education, health and nutrition, and so on.Conduct field visits to anganwadis, schools, and children’s homes to gather information and create background reports. They also provide assistance to inspection teams.
  • Prepare background policy briefs on various child-related issues.
  • Handle social media for the Commission in accordance with the rules.
  • Assist with project management and logistics, including but not limited to various interventions, rescue operations, on-site awareness activities, training programmes, and so on.


Rs 3,000

Application procedure

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For further clarity, one may write to [email protected]

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