6th International Conference on Equity and Inclusion in Education 19-21 May, 2022.

Organized by: Asian Centre for Inclusive Education (ACIE),

Conference Venue

Host country: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Venue: Blended Mode (Face to face & Virtual).

Conference Theme: 

“A System without Discrimination: Redefining Education in the context of 21 Century”

Sub Themes : 

Based on the main theme, the following sub themes have been identified by conducting a consultation with
potential partners.

• Global Citizenship for Sustainable Future (GCED, ESD, Learning for Empathy)
• Diversity in Communication (MLE, Effective Communication Models)
• Future Skills for Changing Contexts (Rethinking Soft skills, Transferrable skills, Foundational skills,
Disability Inclusive TVET)
• Holistic Diversity Focused Child Development (ECCD, Adolescent Development, ASRH, Mental Health)
• Education in Emergencies (Covid-19, Displaced Children, Climate Change, Conflict Zone, School
• Educational Innovation for Ensuring Equity (models and practices)
• Gender Equity
• Social Inclusion
• Digital Transformation ( Ed Tech., AI, LMS)
• Transformation in Pedagogy Learning Environment and Assessment
• Collaborative Approaches for Development (Multi Level Stakeholder Engagement, OPD engagement)

Call for Papers

• Deadline for submission of abstract is 31 March, 2022.
• Acceptance of the abstract will be notified by the 15 April, 2022.
• For submission of abstract please send it to the following e-mail: [email protected] Or [email protected]
• Participants have to submit the PPT file before the presentation.
• Participants can also submit video recording.
• Researchers from host country (Bangladesh) will be given opportunity to present paper in face to face
• Poster presentation is for students and new researchers.
• Participants interested to publish their paper must submit in full by June, 2022. Selected articles will be published in an International Peer-reviewed journal titled Asian Journal of Inclusive Education (AJIE) after review.
• The abstract for the above presentations should be limited to 200 words only with title, objective, methodology and brief findings.
• Multimedia and laptop will be available during the presentations (face to face).

A Scientific committee will review all abstracts and proposals submitted within deadline. Abstracts will be selected on the basis of their relevance to the conference theme, clarity and ability to address the breadth and scope of the conference. Selected authors will be notified after 15 April, 2022. The Scientific Committee will keep the right to decide presentation mode of each paper i.e., seminar or poster presentation.

Conference Presentation:

Presentation Type- Depending on the design and nature of the conference, the following five types of presentation formats can be offered.

1. Plenary Presentation
2. Panel Presentation
3. Popular Talk
4. Individual/Joint Presentation.
5. Poster Presentation
6. Workshop

  1. Plenary Presentation

In such presentations, keynote speakers from different time zones (Asia, Europe & Africa, North & South America and Australia & Oceania) will deliver their speeches. Keynote speakers from outside the host country will be present at the conference virtually.

Key Note Speakers (Proposed)

  1. North & South America ( Dr. Tim Loreman)
  2. Europe & Africa (Dr. Rechard Rose)
  3. Asia ( Dr. Zafar Iqbal)
  4. Australia & Oceania ( Missy Morton)

2. Panel Presentation 

Three types of panel presentations will be organized, i) Time zone wise panel discussion; ii) Global panel discussion; iii) Host country panel discussion. First, panellists will attend to different sessions according to time zones distributed in this event. The representatives of partner organizations will also attend to this type of presentation.  Second, panellists from different time zones will come together in a specific session. A separate panel discussion will be organized for the host country. Discussants will participate in the face to face the session and the event will be shown live via virtual platform. All types of panel presentations except host country panel discussion will be organized virtually.

3. Popular Talk (To be selected)

In this format, preference will be given to academic persons and practitioners working in the field of future education, alternative education, idea generation and Ed Tech presentation etc. However, in this case, young people will be given the opportunity on a priority basis.

4. Individual/Joint Presentation (To be selected after acceptance of abstract) 

Researchers can present their personal or independent research, project outcomes, idea generation and Ed Tech presentation etc. in this format. They will also have the opportunity to jointly present their research. After submission of the abstract, a technical team will review the abstract and subject to having acceptance participants can provide their presentation in the event.

5. Poster Presentation (To be selected after acceptance of abstract) 

This is a special presentation format. Especially young researchers and students will take part in it. They will have the opportunity to present their research work, project outcomes, and new ideas in the field of inclusive education through poster presentations. After submission of the abstract, a technical team will review the abstract and subject to having acceptance participants can provide their presentation in the event.

Contact Information:

Md. Waliullah Rana  

B.Ed. (Honors), M.Ed., Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka.

Assistant Coordinator, Asian Centre for Inclusive Education (ACIE), Bangladesh https://aciebd.org/

Focal Person: ACIE 6th International Conference on Equity and Inclusion in Education

Cell: +8801515636556+8801787888818

E-mail: [email protected][email protected]


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