Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute (Apply by 29 April 2022)

Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute (Apply by 29 April 2022)

History Of The Institute

For more than twenty-five years, the Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute has brought together top early career communications scholars, media lawyers and regulators, human rights activists, technologists and policymakers from countries around the world to discuss the effects of technology, media, and policy from a global and multidisciplinary perspective. As an integral part of Oxford’s Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and the Faculty of Law, the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP) has been leading the Institute.  We have built a strong global network of alumni and faculty who are leaders within the global freedom of expression community, many of whom come back to Oxford as a speakers or visitors.

Join The 2022 Institute

The 2022 Global Media Policy Summer Institute will be held 1 – 12 Aug 2022 at Jesus College, Oxford

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding the Oxford Global Media Policy Summer Institute in Oxford this summer. This will be an in-person event- we look forward to discussing contemporary issues of global media policy over breakfast, during seminars and on long walks through the Oxford countryside!

The course for 2022 will focus on Technology and Policy During Times of Crisis.  We will examine key issues in media law and policy  – topics may include AI and online content moderation of extreme speech; internet shutdowns during elections and conflict; public diplomacy in a time of mis/disinformation; big data and anticipatory humanitarian action; social media and migration; and innovation in the global south. With the participation of speakers from around the world, we will be exploring media policy in current events such as the escalating crisis in Ukraine, media development under the Taliban in Afghanistan, and online hate speech and conflict in Ethiopia.  We will also use our vantage point from the UK to discuss emerging issues in the EU and engage with local actors including Ofcom and the BBC.  As with institutes in the past, we will have speakers from across Oxford as well as prominent guests from policy and government, and the private sector. 

APPLY NOW for 2022!


You will need to provide basic information on your background and current position, and research/professional interests. We are very keen to hear about the topics that interest and excite you! You will also be required to submit a CV, a short statement of interest and one writing sample. The application will also ask a couple of questions about what you hope to achieve from participating.  The application process is conducted entirely online. APPLY HERE for 2022!


Participants come from a wide range of backgrounds and often regulators, lawyers, PhD and law students, media practitioners, technologists, people working in ICT industries, and those working for civil society organizations. One of the exciting parts of the institute is the great diversity of backgrounds and experiences participants have! In an effort to encourage further scholarship and research on issues related to media law and policy, strategic communication, and media and democratization, this year’s Institute seeks, in particular, to identify talented young scholars (PhD candidates and early career academics) working on themes related to media and conflict, the politics of AI, digital rights, media activism, mis/disinformation, technology and development, and the role of corporations in media policymaking.


We request the names of two possible references in the application form.  We will only contact them, with your permission, if we have further questions about your application and expertise. Your references should be individuals familiar with your work or your research who can comment on your academic ability, leadership, professional achievements, and/or research interests. It should be someone that is able to comment on your suitability for this specific programme.


Participants are selected by the course convenors.  Care is taken to balance the cohort (including ensuring diversity of background, experience, geographical representation, etc).  The programme is highly competitive with hundreds of applications – if you are not accepted this year, please do try again!  Sometimes it is the case that we have had many applications focusing on a specific topic, or with certain expertise, in one year and we have had to take care to ensure a range of participants.


The early decision application deadline is 24 March and the final deadline is 29 April 2022. Given concerns and uncertainties around the coronavirus pandemic, we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, in batches.  We understand many of you will need to firm up plans earlier than usual, while some may take more time.  We recommend you submit your application sooner rather than later.


Tuition for the Oxford Summer Institute is 1,800 GBP, including the deposit of 450 GBP which is to be paid upon acceptance of a place. The total cost for the Institute will depend on your personal travel costs to the UK and the type of accommodation selected. More information on housing is available below. Information about the payment process will be provided to accepted applicants. 


Funding is very limited. Applicants are encouraged to self-fund or find funding through alternative sources (employers, foundations, government funders). A few full and partial tuition waivers are available for top applicants from mid or low income countries. Keep in mind that these scholarships will be highly competitive. On the application, you will have the opportunity to designate if you wish to be considered for these. For applicants who have potential funding sources, there is an option on the application to apply for scholarship funding with a note that you might be able to secure outside funding. We are also happy to provide letters of support for accepted applicants.


Housing at Jesus College, which includes breakfast, is available for all participants for a cost of £80 +VAT per night (en-suite room with bathroom in room) for 13 nights (from Sunday, July 31st to Saturday, August 13). Please note that we have reserved a fixed number of rooms, and rooms will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage participants to stay at Jesus College, it is a beautiful college in the centre of Oxford. Participants have breakfast together and have other opportunities for socializing. We will also be having lectures and activities at Jesus College so it will be easy to pop to your room if you need anything.  You are also free to book your own accommodation in Oxford, which is more suitable if you are travelling with a partner or family. If you do not stay at Jesus College, it is important to book separate accommodation as soon as possible- Oxford is very busy in the summer, and housing can be hard to come by late in the game! On the application, there is a question to designate the type of housing you think you will require. 

Breakfast is included in the accommodation at Jesus College. The Institute also provides two tea breaks during the day and hosts at least one opening reception and closing dinner, other events may be added depending on the programme. 


All participants who are fully engaged in the programme will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the University of Oxford during a small ceremony at the end of the programme. At this stage we cannot offer course credit although we are available to provide letters to your institution explaining the course, what you have achieved, and accomplished during the programme.  This is a highly intensive course with more than 60 contact hours with leading academics and distinguished guests. 

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