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About Amity Law School, Noida

The Amity Law School, Noida is an institution established by an educational society RBEF (Ritnand Balved Education Foundation) with the object of providing high quality education in the legal domain. The Founder Trustee, an NRI and an industrialist and the President of RBEF, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan is a renowned philanthropist who has dedicated his life to the service of the nation through education. Teaching at Amity Law School started with effect from 3rd November 2004.

Goal and Objectives

  • To examine the conceptual and philosophical foundation of Constitution and its role in shaping the society.
  • To explore different problem areas and emerging challenges to Constitutional ideology and factors responsible for establishing a peaceful and vibrant democracy.
  • To abreast the participants with the recent developments and emerging challenges to Constitution.
  • To sensitize participants about the inherent conflicts involved with implementation of constitutional rights in achieving socio-political objectives.


  • Evolving contours of Constitution, Constitutionalism and Constitutional Morality.
  • Majoritarianism and Judicial intervention.
  • Human Rights and Social Justice
  • Emerging trends in Gender rights.
  • Minority rights and challenges to secularism.
  • Interpreting the Constitution in the digital era.
  • Education and learning as a fundamental right.
  • Interplay of Constitution and international issues.
  • State accountability and Environmental jurisprudence.
  • Relevance and context of Fundamental Duties
  • Corporate Governance and Economic Justice
  • Education as a tool for creating a just society

Expected Results or Outputs

  • To acquaint the participants with the knowledge of Constitution, its role and
  • To instil conceptual understanding of the concept of constitutionalism and its place in
    different political and social setup.
  • Enumerate the intersection of Constitution rights within different spheres of
    democratic systems like gender rights, minority rights etc.
  • Improve and add to the existing knowledge on Constitutional issues.
  • To generate fresh perspectives on the subject matter from the discussions.

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