Call for Blogs: NLIU Blog for Law and Technology [Cell for Law and Technology (CLT)]: Rolling Submissions 

About the Cell for Law and Technology (CLT)

Cell for Law and Technology (CLT) is a cell constituted in National Law Institute University (NLIU), Bhopal. It aims to create and promote an environment of debate and discussion on issues relating to Technology Law.

About the Blog for Law and Technology (BLT)

The Blog for Law and Technology (BLT) is one of our many initiatives to further the aim of contributing to the academic discourse in the field of Technology Law. 

BLT is a student-run, blind peer-reviewed blog founded with the objective of facilitating research in the field of technological advancements and their interaction in law.

Innovation in Telecommunication, Media and Technology (TMT) is moving at a much faster rate for legal institutions to regulate the pace of technological advancement. Technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain are bringing a paradigmatic shift in the physical world. This paradigmatic shift calls for a much-needed overhaul of TMTs interventions in our lives. Hence, the Blog aims to facilitate discussions related to the legal and regulatory policy considerations for technological advancements and much-needed legal framework around them.


The submission could be about any technological development or any aspect of the technology law regime. 

Submission Guidelines:

  • Word Limit: 900-1200 words.
  • Submissions will only be accepted via the Blog Submission Form.
  • Co-authorship of a maximum of 2 persons is permitted.
  • The author(s) bear sole responsibility for the accuracy of facts, opinions or views stated in the submitted Manuscript.
  • Copyright of all blog posts shall remain with CLT.
  • All moral rights shall vest with the author(s).
  • Detailed Guidelines –

Submission Dates: Submissions to the blog shall be accepted on a rolling basis and shall be open to students, academicians and professionals.

Contact Details: In case of any queries, please write to us at [email protected].

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