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Internship Opportunity at Dr Kalam Centre

The Dr Kalam Centre internship Programme offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain direct practical experience with Dr. Kalam Centre’s work on research, consultancy, project development, knowledge dissemination exercises, policy analysis etc. The interns will be engaged for a short duration for 1 – 3 months on the ongoing projects of the centre. The interns are desired to work under the team and support in research activities and any other activities related to centre’s execution plan. Interested candidates may apply throughout the year and the centre may consider the application on need basis as and when arises.

How to join

To be considered as an intern, you must meet the following desired criterias:

1. A Graduate/Post Graduate or enrolled for Post graduate course in any College/University
of India
2. Have excellent academic record throughout his/her career
3. Have attained 18 years of age
4. Must be a citizen of India
5. Language proficiency in English & Hindi
(Proficiency in local vernacular of north east will be an add on)
6. Willingness to travel and work beyond 9:00am to 5:00pm

Other conditions

1. Stipend: Interns will be paid a stipend of upto Rs. 25,000/- per month based on
qualification, other accomplishment, volunteering etc.

2. Non – Stipend: Interns who wish to work online and without fix working hours and target
may be considered without stipend

3. Duration: Interns shall be engaged for a short duration of 1 month to 3 months.

4. Certificate: Candidates who have successfully exhibited their performance as interns will
be awarded with a certificate from Dr. Kalam Centre of IIM Shillong

5. Logistics & Support: Interns are required to have their own Laptop. The Centre will
provide working space, internet access and other necessities as deemed fit by the Centre.
Interns will be provided with TA/DA facility during official tour as per Level – 5.

Procedure and conditions for Applicant

1. Interested candidates may send their CV and a covering letter expressing their interest to
work as intern to [email protected] with the subject “Internship at Dr Kalam
2. Interested candidates may apply throughout the year. However, selection will be purely
based on need based as and when arises.
3. Applicants must specify their area of interest and willingness to take up any challenge
during their intern period.
4. Internship opportunity shall be provided only once to a candidate.
5. Applicants who do not meet the eligibility requirements will have their applications
6. At the time of joining, the selected applicant must present original mark sheets and NOC
from the college/institution, or his/her candidature will be cancelled.
7. A reference letter from the head of the institution of the present institutions will be
considered as add on.
8. The Centre will have the authority to waive any of the above-mentioned conditions in the
case of a highly deserving candidate.

Note: The prescribed essential qualifications are the minimum and mere possession of the
same does not entitle candidates for selection

Selection Procedure

1. The Centre authorities will further scrutinize all online applications in order to select
eligible candidates.
2. The maximum number of interns for Internship at any given time will be (6). With the
permission of the Centre Authorities, this number may be relaxed. The authorities’ decision
on a candidate’s suitability as an intern shall be final and binding.
3. The selected candidates may be asked to submit a soft copy of their NOC from their Head
of College/University/Department with sufficient time before the Centre issues the offer
letter. It must also be stated in the NOC that the student will not be registered for any course
that requires his/her attendance in class during the internship period. The original NOC
issued by the college/institution should be submitted at the time of joining, and the original
documents should be used to verify his/her eligibility. If a discrepancy is discovered, the
Centre will cancel the candidate’s candidacy.
4. Depending on the number of applications received, the Centre reserves the right to set the
eligibility criteria, limit the number of applicants who will be called for a specific period,
and decide on the mode of screening.
5. At the end of each assignment, interns will be required to submit a brief report/paper to the
Centre, and at the end of the internship, interns will be required to submit a brief note on
their learning experiences.
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