2 to 4 March, 2023 ‐ Conference &
th 5 March, 2023 ‐ Optional Tour in Greater Noida, NCR ‐ Delhi

Motto: Fifty Years of Commonwealth Legal Education Movement: From India‐back to India ‐
A Golden Jubilee Prologue for ‘Augmenting Legal Education through Technology

EDUCATION in general and legal education in particular helps in building a vibrant and just social
order. Over the years, legal education has undergone far‐reaching changes but it was not until the tough times
of Covid‐19 pandemic, that we realised the signiicance of the role of technology in education. Legal education
is intrinsically related to the functioning of society and plays a vital role in preserving and promoting the
cherished ideas of justice, equality and liberty. Therefore, there is a need to initiate constructive dialogue
globally regarding the importance of maintaining the vibrancy of legal education and at the same time
ensuring equal dispensation and access of the same in the pursuit of the celebrated values of our Constitution.
Building on the idea that ensuring equality of access to education is inseparable with maintaining the
effectiveness of the students and legal education, we need to start re‐thinking on how technology can aid in
empowering students by providing equal opportunity to learn, take full advantage of quality education and
ensure justice to all. The intrinsic link of legal education with technology calls for redeining of legal education.
While attempting to meet the challenges that have arisen in light of technological developments there is an
urgent need to provide an account for the distortions and issues that have arisen in the current virtual learning
Against this backdrop, the philosophy of current professional legal education requires deliberation
and bringing in a sense of shared social responsibility in equal dissemination and access to legal education, for
which technology plays a crucial role. It requires focusing on use of technology as not just a pedagogy for
teaching and providing information but rather as eficient instrument of dissemination of knowledge and
social development.CLEA Golden Jubilee International Conference, 2023 aims at focusing on these global developments,
issues and challenges in legal education by providing a starting point to initiate discussions broadly regarding
role of technology in augmenting legal education. Discussions would pertain to the following sub‐themes.
Other relevant topics pertaining to the teaching of law and developments in legal education in general across
the globe and common wealth universities and law schools in particular may also be encouraged for
Sub-Themes of the Conference:
Redefining Legal Education in the Light of Technological Advances
Virtual Learning, Data Considerations, E‐ Resources and Digital Gaps
Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Legal Education
Synchronous, Asynchronous or Blended‐ A Better Road Ahead
Digital Platforms, Pedagogical Approaches, Tools, and Infrastructure in Legal Education
Role of Technology on Educating Specially Abled
E‐ Learning for Promoting Equality, Diversity
Gender Mainstreaming in Digital Legal Education
E‐ Legal Education for Sustainability and Transforming the Future of Law Schools and Legal Education
Mental Health and Behavioural Shift in the Ecosystem of Virtual Training
E – Classes, Virtual Legal Aid Clinics, Virtual Legal Internships vis a visPhysical Courts
Copyright and Fair Use Issues in Online Education
Corruption, Money Laundering and other Transnational Crime

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