Legal Internship Opportunity at The Chennai Silks: Apply Now!

About The Chennai Silks

The largest textile kingdom in Tamilnadu, The Chennai Silks (TCS) has proven to be a shopper’s delight for generations of families.

About the Legal Internship Opportunity

The Chennai Silks is inviting applications for a Legal Intern.


0 to 2 years (Preferably as in house legal executive)

B.L/LLB, ML/LLM (Full time) from a reputed Law University/Law School.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To be responsible for monitoring all legal affairs within the company. To handle both internal and external legal issues.
  • To render effective legal assistance in the preparation of legal opinions, studies, reports and correspondence, as required from time to time by various teams of the company.
  • To provide appropriate legal advice on a diverse range of substantive and procedural questions of law arising in administrative functioning of the company including advice in arbitration matters, to firmly secure the interest of the company, as required by the operational departments.
  • To supervise and oversee the review, negotiation and drafting of major contracts, tender documents and other legal documents, as required by the operational departments.
  • To identify important issues and apprise the operational departments of emerging legal trends from court decisions and tendering advice to avoid unnecessary litigation, etc.
  • To perform constant research on legal resources such as articles, codes, statutes, judicial decisions to stay up to date on all current laws and make well-educated legal recommendations.
  • To liaise with governmental and non-governmental agencies for necessary legal matters.
  • To analyze and check the feasibility of registering a new Wordmark, Logo or Device as Trademark and to coordinate with the company retained law firm and make application for registration and also manage, maintain and to be the custodian of all the Intellectual Properties of the company like Trade Marks, Copyrights, Patents, Business Models, etc., and also prepare and maintain databases pertaining to the same.
  • To supervise and monitor the contesting of the cases in various courts of law and to have interaction with External Lawyers, Courts, and other Law Officers of Govt. for their assistance in the company cases in Revisions, Reviews, Etc.
  • To advise the management in the matter of preferring of appeals to superior courts and in the matter of taking recourse to other legal remedies.
  • To process various Fee Bills of advocates and attorneys and settlements of fee etc., with other advocates.
  • To maintain the list of all cases that is filed against the company and by the company as well. To coordinate with external lawyers appearing on behalf of the company and also attend & depose evidence in the Court of Law on behalf of the company.
  • To handle Police Complaints filed by and against the company and ensuring favourable outcomes for the company.
  • To co-ordinate with the HR department and ensuring compliance of Labour Laws and Welfare Legislations. Handling of internal labour issues averting labour unrest and facilitating amicable settlement.
  • To draft and Review of letters, notices, communication, documents and supplier/vendor/third party communications.
  • To assist various departments in preparing of reply to various communications and legal notices received.
  • To draft, vet and review all commercial contracts, agreements between the company and third parties having business and legal relationship with the company like MOU, NDA, Advertisement Agreement, Celebrity Agreements etc.,
  • To draft and review relevant Human Resources Policies, Employee Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality and Business Code of Conduct Agreement, Confidential Information, Proprietary Developments and Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement and other employee agreements for the entire company.
  • To co-ordinate with the Human Resources, Administration and Operational teams for smooth functioning of business with special attention given to areas that are vulnerable to Legal Disputes.

Expected Skills

[Some qualifications you may want to include are Skills, Education, Experience, or Certifications.]

Example: Excellent verbal and written communication skills



Application Procedure

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