CALL FOR PAPERS: Workshop on ‘Degrowth and Law’ (April 27-28, 2023) ONLINE: NLU DELHI

Conference Theme
Economic growth under capitalism is predicated upon the continuous use and plunder of the planet, particularly from the Global South. Perpetual growth has been central to the rapidly escalating socio-ecological and climate crises. However, there is now an established strand of scholarship and activism on degrowth, post-growth, and other alternatives to growth (such as Buen Vivir), that critique this global economic system that pursues growth at all costs. Such perspectives advocate for a transition to live well under a political- economic system with a radically smaller resource throughput and mass redistribution of wealth and power. Cognisant of South-North inequalities, and inequalities within economies, it calls for a different model of development, one that is premised on a rapid scale down of resource throughput of Global North and transformation of colonial extractive processes. It also calls for a focus on human wellbeing within ecological boundaries rather than on perpetual growth.

Submission of Abstracts & Selection of Participants
This workshop is an initial mapping of different perspectives and possible engagements from a legal perspective. The workshop requires participants to write a short paper (1500-4000 words) that will be shared with other participants.

We welcome perspectives that examine the law and reimage a world beyond current systems of growth. This includes, but is not limited to, perspectives that examine:

• North-South dimension of degrowth and other alternatives to growth-based approaches, including from a TWAIL, and/or a critical race or post-colonial perspective.
• Human rights, particularly socio-economic rights and environmental rights, in the context of (de)growth and inequality;
• International economic law, investment law and trade law, in the context of the ecological crisis and (de)growth;
• Climate change and environmental law, from international, transnational or domestic perspectives, and the challenge of growth and inequality;
• Regional perspectives on post-growth approaches (such as Buen Vivir or Gross National Happiness) and law;
• Energy law and a just transitions from fossil fuels, in the context of degrowth;
• Technology, including ICT and artificial intelligence, and law/rights beyond growth;
• Feminist, queer and intersectional approaches to degrowth;
• Law and political economy, law and Marxism, law and ecosocialism; and
• Critiques of sustainable development law.

We aim for this workshop to be a launchpad for further work in this area, including, building a network of researchers working on the intersections of degrowth and other alternatives to growth with law; and future larger conferences.

This workshop will be held ONLINE on 27-28 April.

Please email your abstract with the subject title ‘Degrowth and Law’ to Dr.
Birsha Ohdedar, [email protected]
by 31 January.

Successful participants will be notified by 10 February 2023.

Selection will be determined by thematic relevance and quality, and also account for geographic and representation diversity.

Full papers should be submitted by 10 April 2023 to allow time for participants to read the papers in advance of the workshop.

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