Call for Chapters: Intellectual Property and Cyber Law

Intellectual Property Rights are the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds. They usually give the creator an exclusive right over the use of his/her creation for a certain period of time. The main purpose of intellectual property law is to encourage the creation of a wide variety of intellectual goods.

Word Limit

The word limit for the chapter (inclusive of the abstract) is between 3000 words (minimum) to 5000 words (maximum). This word limit is inclusive of footnotes. The word limit must be strictly adhered to by the participants. Each participant is required to submit an anti-plagiarism declaration along with the chapter stating that his/her chapter is an original and bona fide piece of research work and that it has not been published or is being considered for publication elsewhere.

Sub Themes

  • Intellectual Property and its Protection through Cyber Law  
  • IPR and Economic Development
  • Balancing of IPR Protection and Growth
  • IPR and its Legal and Monetary Challenges
  • IPR, its Protection and the Legal Culture
  • Indian IP laws and their relation with International Regime
  • International Institutions and their role in IP Protection and Recognition
  • Legal Instruments of IP in India
  • Farmer`s Rights and IP
  • Folklore Protection and IP
  • Contemporary Farmer Laws and IP in India
  • Comparative study of Farmer’s Rights in India and worldwide w.r.t. IP
  • Proprietorship/Partnership of TPR in India
  • Role of Corporations in IP
  • Food Security and IP Regime: Concerns and Challenges
  • IPR and Human Rights
  • Damage Protection of IPR in India and Worldwide
  • IPR and Cyber World
  • IPR and Ethical Innovation/Creativity
  • IPR Litigation and its Concerns
  • IP and New Technology
  • IP and Sustainable Development
  • Piracy and Threats Towards Economic Creativity
  • Human Rights and Cyber Law

This list is just illustrative and not exhaustive. Authors are welcome for chapters on any topic which is related to the main theme.


Co-Authorship is allowed. However, there can be a maximum of two co-authors in one chapter. In the case of a single author, a publication fee of Rs.1200/- and in the case of a co-author Rs.1600/- will be chargeable. 

Payment for publication is to be done after the acceptance of the submitted chapter is communicated to the author(s).

NOTE: Each Author(s) with a selected chapter will be provided with a soft copy of the book.

Important Dates

Last Date of Abstract Submission: 30th April 2023
Last date for Chapter Submission: 10th May 2023
Acceptance of Chapter submitted: 15th May 2023

Tentative Date of Publication: Within the month of June 2023 (Soft Copy) and within the month of June/July 2023 Hard copies (subject to the working of the publisher) & (Subject to the postal services).

How to Submit?

The abstract should be sent by e-mail to [email protected] latest by 30th April 2023. After the acceptance of the abstract by the editorial board, the full manuscript of the chapter needs to be submitted by 10th May 2023 to [email protected]. Chapters submitted after the last date shall not be considered for publication. 


The selected best-quality chapters will be sent for publication in ISBN numbered book published worldwide by an international publishing house (Bloomsbury). For Hardcopy of the book, one has to pay Rs. 700/- for the book with Rs 40/- as postal charges.

Please take note that the editorial board/ publisher may require certain modifications from the author(s) end for meeting the laid down standards.

For further information, please refer to the brochure attached.

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