1st CRASL – Spaviatech – Çakmak Aviation Law Essay Writing Competition hosted by Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai

The sky has always held a sense of awe and wonder, captivating the imagination of dreamers and adventurers throughout history. From the early pioneers of aviation to the modern marvels of supersonic jets and unmanned aerial vehicles, the world of aviation has revolutionized the way we travel, connect, and explore. However, behind the soaring aircraft and bustling airports lies a complex web of regulations and laws that ensure the safety, security, and efficient operation of this dynamic industry

We are pleased to announce the essay writing competition organized by the prestigious Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai’s Center for Research in Air and Space Law (CRASL), in collaboration with Cakmak, Istanbul and SpaviaTech Law, India. This competition aims to encourage legal minds, aviation enthusiasts, and aspiring scholars to delve into the intricacies of aviation law and unravel its significance in the modern era, in relation to specific themes presented

Indicative Themes: 

1. Critical Analysis of ICAO’s Aviation Safety Framework

2. Disputes and Liabilities Concerning Aviation Accidents

3. Streamlining the inconsistencies in Public International Law and Aviation Law

4. The Future of Indian Aviation: Is India the New Emerging Leader?

5. Analyzing the Indian Insolvency Regime in the Context of the Cape Town Convention in light of Go First’s       insolvency

Registration Fee:

Single Author – Rs. 300/-

Co-Authors- Rs. 500/-

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Submission Guidelines and further details can be accessed here. 

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