Call for Application! the position of Student Editor at Indian Review of Corporate and Commercial Laws! Apply Now!

Dear IRCCL Community

We are pleased to share that we are further expanding our family of editors and are opening the position of Student Editor for second- and third-year law students in the 5-year undergraduate programme and second-year law students in the 3-year undergraduate programme. The applicant should have a keen interest in at least one of the subject areas on which we publish articles – corporate law, commercial law, trade law, employment law, taxation law, dispute resolution law, and competition law.

This is an unpaid position like all other positions at IRCCL. Our blog operates solely on the basis of our passion for reading and writing.

If you are interested and eligible for the position and believe that you can spare some time towards the activities of the blog, please send us your CV along with a statement of purpose on or before 15 August 2023, at [email protected].

Note: If you are already presently occupying an editorial position in any publication, even if it is a student-run platform, we will not be able to accept your application. The position requires complete dedication, and this qualifying criterion applies to all our editors.

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