Call for Papers: Exploring the Intersections between Law and Artificial Intelligence

Call for Papers: Exploring the Intersections between Law and Artificial Intelligence

Date: 15th (Friday) September 2023
Time: 9:30 – 17:00 Cost: Free (Lunch included) – This event is funded by the Society of Legal Scholars Small Projects and Events Fund.
Location: Newton Building, Nottingham Trent University

Event Description:
The leaps in AI innovation raise ethical, legal, regulatory, and policy questions regarding what should be regulated, legislated and how it should be done. From the perspective of law, the prospects of AI rattles settled principles has and have necessitated arguments about rethinking approaches to regulations. The role of regulation in creating the environment for AI to flourish has therefore become timely as various countries and regions are beginning to draft the rules for AI. However, the challenges remain as to what to regulate, legislate and how to go about it.
Whilst capitalising on the benefits of AI technologies, the new risks arising from their use and the complexities they produce cannot be ignored. There are concerns that some uses of AI could damage our physical and mental health, infringe on the privacy of individuals, and undermine human and consumer rights. Public trust in AI will be undermined unless these risks, and wider concerns about the potentials for bias and discrimination, are addressed.
This workshop aims to propose strategies for AI regulations and legislations that are consistent with the pro-innovative stance of several nations, especially the UK. This workshop will host paper presentations exploring the potentials, flaws, and the risks of AI vis-à-vis regulations of AI across but not limited to the following themes:

  • AI and intellectual property,
  • AI and corporate governance,
  • AI, liability, and safety,
  • AI and data protection and governance.
  • AI and human right
  • AI in health care
    Submission Details:
    Abstract of no more than 250 words (excluding title) should be submitted via email to Dr Ezinne Igbokwe ezi[email protected] and Dr Onyeka Nwoha [email protected]
    The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2023, and speakers will be notified by August 7,


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