Call for Papers! National Seminar on Sports Law in India!

The Centre for Business Laws and Taxation & Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab is going to organize a National Seminar on “Sports Law in India: Issues, Perspectives and Challenges”.

Date: 19th August, 2023

Concept Note:
India is home to plenty of sports, which are played throughout the length and breadth of the country. Sports have been acknowledged by United Nations as a method of advancing health, education and development. Sports have moved from being the source of individual entertainment and fitness to professional sports involving billions of dollar industry. Some sports like Game of Cricket are pursued like religion in India.

In such a billion dollar industry disputes and legal issues are bound to arise especially with the rise of franchisee / league sports like IPL (Indian Premier League), Football, Kabaddi Leagues, etc. Therefore, host of legal disputes including disputes regarding franchisee agreements, broadcasting rights, arbitrary actions of sports bodies / authorities have surfaced in India and as well as across the globe requiring examination of plethora of laws including law of contract and other general laws of the country. Zee Telefilms Ltd. (referred to as Magna carta of sports law) is a classic example of litigation in sports.

This apart, with the rise of professional competitive sports, rising pressure on sportspersons to perform, greed and due to other issues, various problems have surfaced including the problem of doping in sports, corruption, betting, match fixing, offences on the field and off the field requiring legal intervention. Betting, gambling, match fixing etc are regulated by general criminal law of the country whereas offences on the field and off the field are regulated by the Codes of different sports organizations / associations.

However, there is no specific legislation dealing with sports law in India. Government of India has enacted National Sports Development Code, 2011 for regulating National Sports Federations in India. In the absence of specific legislation dealing with various aspects of sports, regulation of sports presents a big challenge, highlighting the need for development of law and need for having sports lawyers in India.

In this backdrop, the seminar is proposed on various aspects of sports. The seminar is aimed at providing the participants with the nuances of sports and the need for regulating the sports; intricacies of various laws dealing with sports and the issues and challenges of sports law in India. Seminar will involve various technical sessions wherein experts and participants will discuss and debate various aspects of sports and the legal provisions regulating such aspects.

The theme of the Seminar is ‘Sports Law in India-Issues, Perspectives, and Challenges’


  • Global Governance of Sports Bodies and Law
  • National Sports Development Code, 2011
  • Broadcasting, ticketing, merchandising, Sponsorship of Sports, and Legal governance thereof
  • Disciplinary Codes, Internal Discipline procedures, On-field offenses
  • Taxation of Sports Organizations
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism in Sports
  • Age Fraud in Sports and Law in India
  • Doping and Anti-Doping Law
  • Legal Wagering and Sports: Match Fixing, Betting, Gambling, and Law
  • Sports and Intellectual Property Issues
  • Anti-Corruption Code in Sports
  • National Sports Development Bill

Note: List is illustrative and papers on the broad theme of the conference are welcome.

Call for Papers:
Research papers are invited from academicians, researchers, research scholars, lawyers, practitioners, and students. It is proposed to publish the selected papers in the form of an edited book with an ISBN number.

However, submission / presentation of the paper does not guarantee publication, and the decision of the editors regarding suitability for publication shall be final. Participants shall be required to present their papers during the seminar.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Participants shall be required to submit an Abstract of around 350 words.
  • The Abstract shall also contain, the name of the Author/Authors, email Id of the Author/s, contact number, and designation.
  • Full paper should not exceed 6000 words.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • It shall be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12 pt on A4 size paper with a 1″ margin on all sides with 1.5 line spacing using MS Word.
  • Citations shall be strictly in accordance with the Bluebook (20th Edition).

How to Submit?
Abstracts and full-length papers are required to be emailed to [email protected].

Registration Details:
Registration shall be automatic on payment of the fee.

Registration Fee:

  • Students: 500 INR
  • Faculty: 800 INR
  • Co-author: 1000 INR (A maximum of 2 Authors are permitted per paper)

Important Dates:

Last date for Submission of the registration form and abstract:July 15, 2023
Intimation of abstract selection and opening of Payment link:July 25, 2023
Last date of payment:August 10, 2023
Full paper submission (Soft copy):August 12, 2023
Seminar:August 19, 2023

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