Call for Papers on Research Themes by PORTUSplus Journal: Submit by July 30

About the Journal

PORTUSplus – published by RETE, International Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities is an open-access journal, peer-reviewed and indexed, dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of themes concerning the relationship between port and cities and urban waterfronts.

The Journal publishes and promotes scientific products and investigations- original works, studies experimental or theoretical, research results, etc. concerning different fields of interest from around the world.

The objective is to encourage the dissemination of knowledge and stimulates international debate, promoting a systemic and interdisciplinary approach in the investigation and application, and also exploring the interaction between policies and practices in the process.

About the Call for Papers

Promoting the communication and development of scientific research, which plays an increasingly relevant role in our society, PORTUSplus invites scholars and researchers, experts and professionals to respond to the Call for papers “Research Themes”, sending original works and research results in several disciplines inherent to the themes described below.


The topics addressed in the papers may concern the plurality of involved dynamics in the evolution of urban waterfronts and contemporary port cities, from the point of view of different scientific-disciplinary approaches (economic, social, city-planning, cultural, etc.). In particular, the proposals should concern an issue related to the thematic areas specified below:

  • History of Port Cities
  • Economy and Business
  • Contemporary Port Cities and New Port-City Relation Models
  • Future scenarios: Planning and Perspective
  • Restructuring Urban-Port Waterfronts
  • Architecture and Port City Landscape
  • Urban- Port Development and Environmental Sustainability
  • Culture and Identity
  • Port City Didactics
  • Communication Resources and Tools
  • Infrastructures, Transport, Intermodality, Logistics
  • Port, City and Territory
  • Submission and Formatting Guidelines
  • PORTUSplus publishes exclusively papers that have not been published previously and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere, rigorous, well-written, high-quality, high-impact papers, with findings of basic/experimental research and development, as well as applications and innovative practices to generate discussions and new prospects.
  • Participation in the selection for publication in PORTUSplus Journal ( requires to answer the “Call for papers” before the established deadline and following the instructions for the online “Submission Step by Step”.
  • Acceptance of papers is based on originality and importance of observations and investigations, works quality and evidences validity, presentation clarity, and relevance both for readership and for fields of interest of the Journal.
  • Articles must be submitted exclusively in English (American English, translated or revised by a native speaker or professional in translation). If deemed appropriate by the Author(s), the same work may also be presented eventually in a second language among those admitted by the Journal (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish).
  • The papers, selected by the Editors in accordance with the indications by Reviewers, are published in PORTUSplus with the ISSN code (2039-6422), the International Standard Serial Number that identifies uniquely a serial publication.
  • The papers will be available on the Journal website ( at the latest by the end of December 2023.


Interested candidates shall submit the papers through the link given at the end of this post.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for the submission of papers is July 30, 2023.

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