Call for Papers! The Promise and Perils of Human Rights for Governing Digital Platforms!

Global Transformations and Governance Challenges Initiative

Leiden University, The Netherlands

18-19 January 2024 (hybrid format)

This two-day workshop will examine the evolving relationship between human rights and digital platforms

Centred on exploring the promise and perils of human rights for addressing the challenges posed by the governance of digital platforms, this workshop invites papers that engage with any of the following themes and questions: • What kind of human rights issues do digital platforms raise? • How does the emergence of artificial intelligence challenge and reframe the application and utility of human rights in the context of digital platforms? • How are human rights currently being applied and (re-)conceptualised – by academics, civil society and other actors around the world – in the context of digital platforms? • How might human rights frameworks be further reconceptualised in order to better address the harms and inequalities posed by digital platforms? Do these newly emerging harms and inequalities give rise to new types of moral claims not recognized within the existing legal frameworks? • What constraints might human rights frameworks face, for example in terms of their application to different types of actors, in addressing new harms and inequalities related to digital platforms? • What can digital platform governance learn from existing critical approaches to human rights – including, for example, critical approaches rooted in theoretical traditions such as feminist, queer, postcolonial, decolonial, and Marxist theory? • What alternative ways of thinking, beyond human rights frameworks, could advance social justice in relation to digital platforms?

Guidelines for Submissions

The aim of the workshop is to foster an interdisciplinary exchange with leading experts from diverse academic disciplines and communities of practice, including but not limited to the fields of ethics and (political) philosophy, anthropology, and (international) law. Applicants are invited to submit a non-anonymized abstract (maximum 300 words) in PDF format by email to [email protected] no later than 30 September 2023. The applicants will be informed of our decision no later than mid-October 2023. We expect papers (of approximately 6,000-8,000 words) to be shared 10 days before the conference. Selected papers from the workshop will also be considered for inclusion in a symposium for an online peer-reviewed academic journal.

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