MNLUM  Law, Humanities, and Social Sciences Collective Internship Programme [Virtual]: Apply by 20th August

About MNLU Mumbai:

Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai, is one of the premier National Law Universities in India, imparting advanced legal education and promoting society-oriented research in legal studies for the advancement of the societal life of the people in the country.

About Law, Humanities and Social Sciences Collective:

The Law, Humanities and Social Sciences Collective is a student-run organization that studies the intersection between the law and social sciences from a relatively marginal global south perspective. To that end, the Collective runs a blog, organizes talks and symposia and also engages in outreach activities to ensure a level playing field in higher education for all sections of the society. It seeks to bridge the gap between the Global North and Global South with regard to such platforms, where the Global South visibly falls behind.  In doing so, the Collective strives to mentor interested contributors and readers, provide insights on research and writing skills, and thematically collate knowledge resources in the area


Candidates with an active interest in interdisciplinary studies with some exposure to law and willing to engage with questions of how the unique social and historical conditions of the countries of the Global South, and India in particular, shape our perception of the law.

Number of Vacancies:

2 (Two)


All bonafide students of recognised institutions of higher education enrolled in a bachelor’s program.

Selection Criteria:

Interested applicants will submit an updated CV and a writing sample as part of their application. These will be carefully screened to assess the candidates’ qualifications, skills, and potential to contribute to the internship program. Based on this scrutiny, a shortlisted group of candidates will be invited for an interview.

Duration of the Internship:

The internship shall run from 1st September to 30th September 2023

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • 1. A wide range of research and writing activities will be assigned through daily and weekly tasks during the internship.
  • 2. The interns will be engaged in creating “Subject Primers” and “Literature Compendiums”. Upon completion, they will be published on the LHSS blog. The interns will receive due credit for their work in creating the “Subject Primers” and “Literature Compendiums.”


  • 1. A Certificate of Internship will be provided upon successful completion of the internship.
  • 2. The interns will receive due credit for their work in creating the “Subject Primers” and “Literature Compendiums.”
  • 3. Complimentary access to future events hosted by the LHSS.

How to Apply?

Interested candidates may apply through this link.

Mode of Internship:

The internship is online, offering flexibility and accessibility to participants from different locations.

Application Deadline:

20th August, 2023

Contact Details:

For any query, please feel free to contact at [email protected].

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