Call for International Book Chapters On Intersections Between Rights and Technology, by REVA University


The digital transformation of our society represents one of the most rapid and profound transitions in human civilization. This era of digitization has led to a significant increase in our online interactions, encompassing information-seeking, entertainment, consumption, and work-related activities. The global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has unequivocally demonstrated that we inhabit a world undergoing immense change. The pandemic has unveiled
numerous challenges for humanity, particularly in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is swiftly reshaping regulatory frameworks worldwide.
Privacy has long remained a pertinent issue in our daily lives. However, the amplified utilization of virtual spaces and the advancements in technologies like AI have thrust these debates even further into the spotlight, particularly in the context of the pandemic.

Theme: Intersections between Rights and Technology: Navigating Human Rights in Digital Spaces

The following is a non-exhaustive list of areas of possible coverage:

  • The Online Dimension of Human Rights: Balancing Freedom of Expression and
    Content Moderation
  • Human Rights Implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems
  • Cyber Vulnerability: Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Human Rights
  • Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Environment: Challenges and Solutions
  • Utilizing Digital Space for Investigating Violations of International Criminal,
    Human Rights, and Humanitarian Law
  • Bridging the Digital Divide: Access to Information as a Human Right
  • Cybersecurity and Human Rights: Protecting Individuals in the Digital Age
  • Online Activism and Digital Dissent: Empowering Voices and Ensuring Human Rights
  • Right to Digital Education: Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion in Learning Technologies
  • Data Protection and Digital Rights: Safeguarding Privacy in the Digital Sphere


  • Co-authorship is permitted to a maximum of three authors.
  • Publisher: IGI Global (formerly Idea Group Inc.);
    ISBN13: 9798369311271 | ISBN10: N/A | EISBN13: 9798369311288
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Important Dates:
August 13, 2023: Proposal Submission Deadline
August 27, 2023: Notification of Acceptance
October 22, 2023: Full Chapter Submission
December 3, 2023: Review Results Returned
December 31, 2023: Final Acceptance Notification
January 7, 2024: Final Chapter Submission

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