Galgotias Journal of Legal Studies:

As part of our pursuit for academic excellence and contribution to the
body of knowledge, the Galgotias University School of Law is pleased
to announce the forthcoming edition of the Galgotias Journal of Legal
Studies (GJLS). It is an online, peer-reviewed, interactive journal. The
Journal emphasizes on the dynamic function and influence of the law
in society and how it contributes to the engineering of social change.
It aims for an interdisciplinary approach and provides a platform for
scholarly thoughts, opinions, ideas, concepts, and proposals from
diverse disciplines and demographics.
The Journal seeks to publish articles on diverse contemporary issues
involving the integration and congruence of law, social science,
technology and political efforts to combat the ecological imbalance
without sacrificing and further embracing global progression. It
provides a platform in protecting and encouraging research
development, creativity, and its ultimate contribution to society
through intellectual contributions. The scope of scholarly articles
published in the journal is unrestricted. It is the author’s prerogative to
report on statutory laws, conventions, policies, schemes, treaties,
precedents, reports, Case Analysis and any other work that directly
affects the socio-legal and political growth of the society.

Call for Papers 2023 :

The Journal Committee of the School of Law, Galgotias University hereby invites Articles, Case comments and Book Reviews on the contemporary topics of law
and allied inter-disciplinary subjects for publication in the GJLS 2023 Vol. XI,
Issue No. 2. The journal is a peer reviewed ISSN Serial No. 2321- 1997
publication from School of Law, Galgotias University. It uses an
interdisciplinary perspective to examine modern legal challenges and
difficulties. The dynamics of socio-legal, political, and economic developments
occurring on a worldwide scale have resulted in symmetrical shifts in the
prevailing legal paradigms. As a natural sub-theorem, it has generated fresh
academic incentives for an in-depth examination in the field of law.
The School of law, through GJLS aspires to become the paragon of legal
education by promoting the integration of knowledge and best practices
throughout academia and the research community. GJLS strives to integrate
shifting legal viewpoints in both a domestic and international context and
encourages scholars, academicians, and practitioner’s communities to face
some of the most serious legal challenges that plague civil society. Beginning
with a wall and an online journal, GJLS has already produced 10 volumes,
demonstrating our dedication to ethical endeavors and our determination to
become a beacon for academic excellence.
The Editorial Board of GJLS is invested in enhancing the journal’s quality on a
continuing basis and is relentlessly pursuing its long-held vision of being a
respectable, refereed, and peer-reviewed publication that benefits law students,
academia, and society as a whole.

Submission Guidelines :

Word Limits- The prescribed word limit is as
a) Article (5000-8000 words including
footnotes). It must be accompanied with an
abstract of 150-200 words.
b) Case Comments/ Notes (2000-4000
words including footnotes)
c) Book Reviews (1500-3000 words
including footnotes)

  1. Authorship- Entries can be co-authored.
    However, a maximum of two authors per entry is
    allowed. Entries from all aspects of law whether
    direct or applied are welcome.
  2. Main Text- Submissions must be in MS Word.
    Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing 1.5 and
    justified with a margin of 1.5 inch in left and 1.0
    inch in right, top and bottom. Foot Notes- Times
    New Roman, Font size 10, spacing 1.0 and
  3. Contributors must provide a Cover Letter to
    accompany the manuscript submission along with
    the subject “Submission for GJLS Vol XI Issue 2”.
    The Cover Letter should include the following
     I confirm that I have read the submission
    policy and that my manuscript complies
    with the Journal’s submission policy.
     I confirm that this is an original work and
    no part of the manuscript violates any
    copyright of others.
  4. Citation- The Blue Book: A Uniform Method of
    Citation, 20th Edition should be strictly followed.
  5. Format of Submission- Please send in your
    submissions in MS/Open Word (*.doc OR
    *.docx), along with the following information:
    Full Name, Contact Details, Designation and
    affiliating Institute of the Author(s).

Contact Us :
All communication including submissions
regarding Journal should be addressed to:

[email protected]

Submission Deadline:
September 30, 2023
(Before 17:00 PM)

Mr. Sunil Galgotia
Hon’ble Chancellor
Galgotias University
Mr. Dhruv Galgotias
Chief Executive Officer
Galgotias University
Ms. Aradhana Galgotia
Director of Operations
Galgotias University
Prof. (Dr.) K Mallikharjuna Babu
Galgotias University
Editorial Board
Editor-In Chief
Prof. (Dr.) Namita Singh Malik
Dean, School of Law
Galgotias University
Dr. Sandhya Kumari Dr. Shweta Thakur
Professor of Law Associate Professor of Law
Executive- Editor
Dr. Aditi Singh
Assistant Professor of Law

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