Call for Papers: Seminar on “Ancient Indian Jurisprudence” by Bennet University

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About the seminar:

The history of India’s culture and civilization is incomplete without an understanding of the principles of
law and jurisprudence, including the course of their evolution and their various facets. In ancient India, the scope of the law was all-embracing, covering various aspects of social and religious life. Ancient Indian society was not static but dynamic and the changing requirements of society had to be accommodated by suitably modifying the rules and regulations pertaining to administration, taxation and economy, maintenance of law and order, and sustenance of the societal norms and the religious injunctions, as also progressively evolving an appropriate mechanism for enforcing these regulations, as per the emerging and constantly changing needs of the society. To meet these objectives, a need was felt to conceptualize and create a treatise on jurisprudence, which was realized progressively by the formulation of a large body of legal literature based on the societal requirement.
Attending the Seminar can provide valuable insight into “Ancient Indian Jurisprudence”. The proposed
The seminar will entail participation not only of several academics but also the students who can thus be
sensitized about the principles, ideals, and various strands as also the rich legacy of jurisprudence in
ancient India.


Dharma and Law
Relationship between State and Dharma
Hindu Law-Its Character and Evolution
Rajadharma in Ancient India
Kautilya’s Arthasastra
Ethics and Dharma
Indigenous system of administration of Justice
Women and Dharma

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