About the University:

IILM has a legacy of excellence in responsible management education since 1993. It has entered the domain of law with five year undergraduate courses of BBA LLB (Hons) and BA LLB (Hons.) as well as a one year postgraduate LLM program at IILM University, Gurugram. IILM Law provides one of the best set of courses both at graduate and undergraduate level.
IILM Law is a gateway, not just to the legal profession, but also for many leadership roles in society. The overall goal of the program is to educate, train and develop our students, thereby fostering an in-depth understanding of the Laws and the legal profession. It imparts practical training to enhance student’s personal and professional ability to adapt and grow with the changes in the legal environment, and to excel in their chosen fields. IILM Law is rated as one of the top law colleges in India and consistently ranked among the top 10 law colleges in terms of industry connect and academic activities.

About the conference:

IILM, Gurugram’s Centre of Excellence in Legal Writing (CELW) is hosting its 1st IILM-CELW Legislative Drafting Competition, 2023. This competition provides a platform where the sharpest and most dedicated minds can come forward and critically utilize this opportunity of visualizing and drafting the legislative bills whereby experiencing the nuances of framing the law with the aim of encouraging the students towards the skill of drafting and policy making. The objective of the competition is to provide a platform to the curious and disciplined minds to undertake analytical research of laws related in different jurisdictions and to come up with comprehensive provisions that can be implemented within the Indian jurisdiction. Legislative drafting can help law students in understanding the journey of a legal idea to a legal provision. In this journey they get to understand the socio-economic landscape while they broaden their horizon of their understanding of India. The competition seeks to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience & invites law students to draft legislations.

Topic for the Competition:

Participants have to draft a legislation titled “Uniform Civil Code for Marriages in India.” Through this competition, the Centre seeks to create awareness of having a proper legislation that is dedicated to promote and protect the rights and ensure proper safeguards to a married couple in India. The Centre aims that through this competition, a solution can be found that can help in providing. The Bill that is to be drafted should inculcate those aspects that particularly deal with the rights, protection, grounds of separation, procedure of separation and the provisions concerning maintenance of a married couple and each of the provisions should cover the operational and the procedural aspect of the same. The Bill should also cover those provisions that the drafters find incidental or ancillary to the topic of the Bill and thinks
that certain provisions should come under the main theme of the competition.


The Competition is open to all law students pursuing LLM or LLB. (3-Year or 5-Year course from a recognized university within the territory of India).

Team Composition:

  • Participants may register as individual or in a team of two.
  • There is no restriction on the number of entries from any college or university. Multiple teams can participate from a single university.
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