Call for Applications! for Writers at Corporate Law Journal!

Weareseekingdedicatedwriterswhoarereadytocommittosubmittingonearticleaweek,focusing ontopicsthatalignwiththeUNSDGs,ContemporaryIssuesandEnvironmentalLaw.Yourworkwill playacrucialroleinraisingawareness,promotingresponsiblecorporatepractices,anddrivingchange inthelegalandcorporatesectors.

Key Requirements

 Passionate about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental Law.
– Strong research and writing skills.
– Commitment to submitting one article per week.
– Ability to explore and analyze complex legal and environmental topics.
– Creativity in presenting information and solutions.

Application Process:

1. Please submit a brief cover letter along with your CV.
2. Provide a writing sample or link to a published article (if available) that demonstrates your ability to explore legal and environmental topics.
3. Include a proposed article idea that you would like to contribute to our ‘Environmentally Conscious’ Section.
4. Send your application to [email protected] by 11.59 pm 25th September 2023 (Indian Standard Time).

About Corporate Law Journal

The Corporate Law Journal is disrupting the news industry in over 100 countries to provide concise, innovative and easily accessible commercial awareness in fields that have long been marred with red tape. Now a Reuters partner, The Corporate Law Journal is an international news organisation that specifically looks at the political, technological, financial and environmental regulatory shifts in the changing world of business – with exclusives from leading professionals.

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