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International Journal for Juridical Research and Legal Studies (IJJRLS) Law Review is a distinguished platform for peer-reviewed Research papers, articles & insightful blogs in the field of law & policy. Our mission is to elevate the standards of legal research, ensuring that all aspects of law are comprehensively covered and explored. We take great pride in our commitment to excellence, providing a nurturing environment where students can flourish through internships and receive expert guidance in their research endeavors. Our vision is to be at the forefront of driving law to new heights in the realm of research, contributing significantly to the development of legal scholarship.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Students/ Scholars/ Researchers will be required to submit their Manuscripts assigned by IJJRLS Law Review through Google forms which will be provided to them during the course of Internships by the IJJRLS Law Review team itself, no other means of submissions will be accepted unless stated otherwise.
  2. The Editorial team will revert to the Students/ Scholars/ Researchers with analytical reviews within 5 days of receiving the Manuscript either with the submission or Rejection of Submission.
  3. The time for analysis will start right after the receiving by the IJJRLS Law Review is sent to the students from our connective means of Communication. 
  4. Students/ Scholars/ Researchers will have to submit the assignment as per the format guidelines prescribed by IJJRLS Law Review minor changes will be tackled by the team members, but if there is any major change that is required to be done, the submission will be sent back with comment for required changes. 
  5. The Manuscripts sent by Students/ Scholars/ Researchers should be in a proper format-
  • Line spacing- 
  • Alignment – Justified 
  • Theme font- Times New Roman 
  • Headings- Fontsize-14, Bold and CAPITAL  
  • Subheading- Fontsize-12, Bold 
  • Body- Fontsize-12 
  • Footnotes/ Endnotes – Times New Roman, 10 
  • Citation Style – OSCOLA 4th Edition, Bluebook 20th Edition

Note: If any of the Manuscripts does not meet the above guidelines, the sent submission will be strictly rejected after one time review.

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