This issue of NULJ is dedicated to the Theme: Changing Contours of Global Governance


  • Humanitarian prospects and Global Governance
  • Global Governance and Global Justice in the era of Artificial Intelligence
  • Role of Non-State actor and Global Governance
  • Challenges related to Climate Change and Global Governance
  • Global Governance and Status, Identity, and Recognition
  • Global Governance, Freedom of Speech and Expression
  • Challenges of Inclusive Development and Global Governance
  • Global Governance and state’s public policies and practices
  • Changing the paradigm of the Sovereign State
  • Global Governance and Corporate Governance

Submission is not restricted to the above sub-themes only. The submission will also be accepted, which can, directly and indirectly, reflect the central theme or sub-themes of the December 2023 Issue.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: The manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract of about 250 words.

WORD LIMIT: For research papers, 4,000-6,000 words; for Policy briefs and Case studies/commentaries, 2,000-3,000 words; and for Book reviews, 800-1,000 words.

ELIGIBILITY: Entries from the student community, academia, researchers, and other professionals preferably studying Law and allied disciplines of Social Sciences and humanities who could link legal regimes in the contribution would be accepted.

CITATION STYLE: The Bluebook Uniform System of Citation (20th edition) shall be strictly adhered to. The main text should be in Times New Roman, size 12, with a 1.5 line spacing, and the footnotes in size 10, with a 1.0 line spacing. This shall be strict compliance for papers to be accepted for review.

The journal is guided by a well-defined ‘Ethical policy’ which gives no scope for plagiarised submission. Thus, authors are requested to strictly follow the plagiarism policy for academic submissions published by UGC.

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The submissions must be original and should not be under consideration in any other journal or for any publication. Articles with plagiarism and copyright issues are liable to be rejected immediately. Nirma University Law Journal is not to be subject to any liability which may arise in this regard.

Work must be submitted to Nirma University Law Journal, which indicates that the authors grant exclusive permission to NULJ to publish and reproduce their work in all streams of media. Such right is subject to the doctrine of fair use as followed under the law relating to Intellectual Property Rights and subject to the entitlements of the author.

The editors reserve the right to delete or edit any article or part thereof whose content is found to be offensive, defamatory, outrightly unethical, or if it is suggestive of discrimination in any form, racism, sexual, gender, religious, illegal or terror activities. The article is rejected if its content is likely to offend or provoke any personal, religious or political sentiments of the reader.

There is no publication fee. A process of peer review shall be used to scrutinise all the submissions. Following this, the authors of selected papers will be notified of the results.


Submission of full paper with Abstract: 30th November 2023

Intimation of reviewed manuscripts selected for publication: 31st December 2023

Publication of Journal: 31st January 2024


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Submitting the Manuscripts

Step 1: You will provide preliminary information about your submission.

Step 2: A window will open, allowing you to upload your submission file.

Step 3: You will be asked to add more information about the submission, including the title of the submission (broken down into prefix, title, and subtitle, and the abstract.

Step 4: You will be asked to confirm whether you are happy with your submission.

Step 5: Your submission is now complete! The editor has been notified of your submission.

Responding to a Review

The following process would be followed: Uploading the Revised File, Informing the Editor, Revisions Accepted, Resubmitting for Review, responding to a Copyediting Request, Responding to a Proofreading Request

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