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HUMAN.DROITS is a platform that sparks discussion on human rights issues and socio-legal developments. Our objective is to spread awareness, take impactful steps at the ground level and ultimately nourish our original human values following our motto: “Let’s humanise our voices again, let’s humanise our actions once more!” The aim is to address a wide range of contemporary and fundamental issues prevalent worldwide.
Purpose of creating HUMAN.DROITS community:
  • To build a community that can share their views on specific issues concerning human rights.
  • To search for people who are driven by a similar purpose and who could devote a few hours weekly to the welfare of society.
Who are interns and who are members?
Most likely, anyone who applies would be working as an intern for one month. This one-month period serves two purposes: Firstly, it will help us understand your commitment and dedication towards joining the HUMAN.DROITS Community. Secondly, interns would get to know if their interests align with ours and if they are interested in joining the Community as members. Therefore, after a 1-month internship period, we may promote you to the post of a member, if you complete your task efficiently.
Also, if we receive an exceptional application, the applicant will not be required to do an internship and will be directly selected for the membership position.
The tasks of an intern and a member are similar.
Objective of this internship
HUMAN.DROITS is opening up a new section specifically devoted to covering human rights and humanitarian issues in the Asian region. The objective is to focus on Asian countries since, in spite of being the largest continent, Asia (especially South) is heavily neglected. This is because of a variety of reasons such as the diversity of the region, lack of adequate Courts and Commissions for the region or simply the westernisation of international law. Therefore the interns and members who would be selected would research and write on topics dealing with human rights abuses and conflicts falling within the geographical area including but not limited to countries such as Afghanistan, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand,, Philippines, Japan, Iraq, Palestine, etc.
Who can become the interns/members:
Law students/graduates:
  • who are keen observers of social issues prevalent around them; and
  • interested in sharing their opinions in the form of blogs on human rights and socio-legal topics in the Asian region, and
  • looking forward to a developing community of like-minded individuals to grow and network.
Tasks of intern/member:
1. An intern/member has to submit a blog piece on a SPECIFIC human rights and socio-legal issue in Asia every month. The guidelines for submitting a publishable write-up are as follows:
  • It should be an original piece of the member.
  • It should be either based on the opinion of the member or his/her analysis of some specific questions.
  • The minimum word limit is 1500 words.
  • All the sources must be mentioned in brackets and should be hyperlinked.
  • It has to be submitted before the 20th of every month, after which the editors review it and if necessary, send it back to make changes. In this way, guidance will be provided to improve the writing and research skills of the members.
  • If any write-up is not of publishable quality even after the review and changes, then it will not be counted as a submission for the month.
2. Online research work on projects of HUMAN.DROITS. Groundwork related to humanitarian projects (if the intern/member is available in the Delhi NCR region).
Please note that this is an unpaid position. However, if you participate in the groundwork-related projects, there is the possibility of a stipend depending upon the funds of the project.
Since the purpose is to build a community of people having similar interests, the internship does not require a full-time commitment and can be carried on with other internships and jobs.
Why join (Perks):
  • Opportunity to stay close to human rights law with a niche (beneficial for the ones looking for a career in human rights or the social sector);
  • Opportunity to be a member of the HUMAN.DROITS community and getting the firsthand experience of observing and participating in the growth of an emerging platform (and there is no membership fee);
  • Networking with like-minded individuals;
  • Getting regular publications in your name;
  • Getting certificates for internship, membership and publications.
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Last date to apply: 30 November 2023
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