Organised by: International Society on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies (ISAIDT)

Concept Note:

The invention of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) has opened a
veritable Pandora’s box of opportunities and challenges to the world today. Every significant
technological breakthrough in human history has had the potential to either advance or harm
society, and these inventions are by no means an exception to this rule. The technology
measurement and analytical capacities of systems based on algorithmic decision-making and
artificial intelligence can be instrumental in resolving some of the biggest transportation,
humanitarian assistance, and public health problems on a global as well as local basis, including
but not limited to supporting significant changes in clinical diagnosis and treatment, integrating
transport and communal growth, and exacerbating the dangers of climate change.


Founded by Knowledge Steez EduHub LLP and supported by prestigious institutions like South
Ural State University, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Sultan Idris Education University,
ISAI-DT (International Society for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology) stands as
testament to global collaboration in shaping the future of AI and digital technologies for all disciplines.

Sub- Themes:

Following is a list of major sub-themes for the conference. This list is meant to be indicative and not
exhaustive in nature. Interested researchers may also submit papers in related themes in the AI and
digital technology domain.

  • Sub-Themes
  • Regulatory sandboxes for creating AI-based technologies
  • AI Roles in Detecting Online Hate Speech
  • Regulating Privacy and Data Protection in AI Enabled Services in Malaysia
  • AI , IHL and Human Rights
  • Challenges to IPR due to AI
  • AI and Antidiscrimination Law
  • AI in Transportation Law: Legal Problems
  • Ethical issues of AI and Law technology and its applications
  • AI and Its Interplay With Data Privacy, Data Protection & Allied Existing Regime
  • AI after the pandemic – trends and challenges
  • AI in the consumption platforms
  • Role of AI as Utilities and Services in the Development of Civilizations
  • Role of AI Hype on the Medical-Pharma Sectors in the World of Information Warfare
  • AI and Blockchain
  • Crime Prediction Using Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence and Legal Practice
  • Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reasoning
  • Artificial Intelligence for Legal Due Diligence
  • Artificial Intelligence in Legal Knowledge Management
  • Artificial Intelligence: Law and Policy
  • Artificial Intelligence: Legal, ethical, and policy issues
  • Automated information extraction from legal databases and texts
  • Automatic legal text classification and summarization
  • Big data and data analytics for and in the legal domain
  • Computational models of argumentation and decision-making
  • Computational models of evidential reasoning
  • Conceptual or model-based legal information retrieval
  • Data mining applied to the legal domain
  • Legal implications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Legal knowledge representation, including legal ontologies and common sense knowledge
  • Legal reasoning in multi-agent systems
  • Machine learning and data mining for e-discovery and other legal applications
  • Machine Learning applied to legal text to advance legal analytics
  • Responsible AI and ethics
  • Explainability and scalability in AI: Prerequisites of application in legal domain
  • AI applications in the start-up sector

How to register:

Those who are interested in presenting on any of the above themes must send an session proposal of 500 words along with a brief biographical note (not more than 100 words) on or before 20th March 2024 at ([email protected]). The authors of the abstracts selected for presentation will be informed by 25th March 2024.

Last date for submission of abstracts: 20th March 2024
Last date for notification of acceptance of abstracts: 25th March 2024
Conference date: 7th April 2024

Members of ISAIDT : Free of Charge
Non Members Students: 500 INR per Author
Non-Members Professionals and Academicians: 1000 INR per Author

The interested participants are required to submit their session proposals on [email protected] and registration details will be emailed on confirmation of their proposal.

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For further details refer to the brochure attached.

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