Cfp for law students:-Gujarat Maritime University Journal on International Maritime Environment [Volume 1]: Last Date to Submit- Dec 31 2021

The Gujarat Maritime University is an initiative of the Gujarat Maritime Board, which aims to boost the maritime sector’s growth by bridging the sector’s knowledge gap. Gujarat Maritime University’s main goal is to become a global centre of excellence in maritime education, research and development, and professional training, with the goal of enhancing and expanding the maritime industry’s human capital and capability in India and around the world.


The GMU Journal of Maritime Environmental Law (GJMEL) is a project of the Gujarat Maritime University’s Centre for Maritime Environmental Law. In order to contribute to the burgeoning field of marine environmental law, the centre has launched its Annual Print Journal, which invites members of the legal community, including students, academicians, professionals, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and other distinguished guests, to contribute to the literature in the form of Research Papers/Articles.

Prevailing Theme
Manuscripts dealing with the legal and technological elements of the maritime environment will be considered. The submissions are anticipated to cover a wide range of topics, including national and international views.

Eligibility Criteria
Academicians, practitioners, research scholars, undergraduate and postgraduate students are all welcome to attend.

Submission Requirements

  1. The author(s) must closely adhere to the criteria.
  2. Only English-language manuscripts will be accepted for publication.
  3. Manuscripts should be emailed as a soft copy in MS Word as an attachment.
  4. Manuscripts should be typed in Garamond with a font size of 12 and a line spacing of 1.5′. They should be justified, with 1.5″ margins on the left and 1.0″ margins on the sides.
  5. In separate sheets, the author(s) must include a covering letter with all personal information (Name of the author(s), degrees, Designation, Name of College/University/Institution, Postal Address, Phone Number, and E-mail ID).

Each Manuscript should contain:

a. Title page with full title and subtitle (if any). The Manuscript should not contain any identification of the author/s, which shall be ground for rejection of the submission.

b. Suggested Keywords 5-10 words

c. Abstract of 250-300 words

d. Word Limit (excluding footnotes)

e. Long article – (8000-10000 words)

f. Short Article – (3000-5000 words)

g. Legislative/Case Comment – (1200-1500 words)

h. Book Review – (700-1000 words)

i. Citation: OSCOLA (4th Edition)

All manuscript submissions must be sent to [email protected] with the subject ‘Manuscript Submission for Volume I.’

Only Microsoft Office (doc./docx.) formats are accepted for submissions.

There should be no grammatical or spelling errors in the document.

The deadline for making submissions is 31st December 2021.


Official Notification

For further clarity contact the following :-

E-mail ID: [email protected]

Abhay Singh, Assistant Professor, Email: [email protected].

Manuscripts will be evaluated using a blind review process. The author’s name, university, year in college, or any other personal information will not be disclosed to reviewers.

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