Online Internship opportunity for law students- Competition Commission of India (CCI) [For Dec 2021]: Apply by Nov 1

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is a statutory authority of the Indian government charged with enforcing the Competition Act of 2002, fostering competition across the country, and banning acts that have a significant negative impact on competition. On October 14, 2003, it was founded.

Concerning the Opportunity

The usual CCI internship programme has been suspended for the time being because to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Commission will, however, continue its Online Internship programme beyond September 2021 and until December 2021, for the benefit of students.

Further Details

  • Officers of CCI will be assigned as guides/mentors to the shortlisted candidates.
  • The interns will be given the contact information for their mentors/guides so that they can communicate with them on a regular basis in order to perform the allocated task.
  • The mentor/guide will choose the length of the online internship based on the job assigned.
  • The Advocacy Division of CCI will host an online orientation programme for selected students in the first week of each month, followed by a virtual review meeting in the second week of the month.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only Indian nationals are eligible.
  • Students from accredited institutions and universities who have had exposure to competition are eligible for the internship.
  • Students who already have a job offer are not eligible.

Relevant Courses to be pursued for securing the opportunity

Economics and Management 

  • MA/MSc. (Economics)
  • 4th and final year students of 5-year integrated degree Programme in Economics
  • MBA


  • 2nd and 3rd year of the
  • Bachelors degree in Law (3-year course after graduation) or
  • Fourth and final year of the five-year integrated course in Law and
  • Students who have taken the 3rd year exam and are entering the 4th year.
  • LLM

Regulatory Governance: MA/MSc. (Regulatory Governance)

Professional Courses: Students of the final group of Chartered Accountancy or Cost Accountancy or Company Secretary.

Application Procedure

  • Applications must be submitted in the prescribed format, which may be found on the CCI website. Applications submitted in any other format will be automatically rejected.
  • The application should be accompanied by a Statement of Purpose that reflects the reason for selection as well as the potential research/internship project topic.
  • Applicants must submit their applications in the space provided in the application form with the title ‘CERTIFICATION AND RECOMMENDATION BY INSTITUTION‘, officially signed/endorsed by respective colleges/institutions.
  • or, alternatively, a scanned copy of an email/letter from the respective university certifying that the student is a bonafide student of the institution and studying the degree (with the year) specified in the internship application.
  • Dean/Registrar/HoD/Director/Authorized Officials must send such an email/letter.
  • Applications must be submitted online exclusively in PDF format. Applications in hard copy will not be accepted. The subject/title of emails containing such requests should read “Online Internship for the month of (insert desired month) 2021.”
  • All online internship requests must be emailed to [email protected].
  • The Internship will last for a total of six months.
  • Applicants who wish to pursue internships for 2-3 calendar months may apply with the appropriate recommendation from their respective universities/colleges/institutions for the period sought.
    On the first day of the internship, there will be a brief introduction to the provisions of the Competition Act of 2002.


  • A certificate for the term of internship shall be issued to the interns upon certification by the concerned mentor/guide that the assigned intern has worked/completed the internship to his satisfaction.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted will be notified via the contact information (email ID) supplied in their requests/applications.

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