Call for papers: Bennett Journal of Legal Studies (BJLS) [Volume 4; Feb 2023]: Deadline-Sept 30 


  • Bennett University ventured into the domain of Higher Education in Law and established School of Law with a vision to strive for excellence in teaching, research, and advocacy towards Justice for all by shaping thought leaders in public policy of National and International dimensions.
  • The school imbibes the best practices of national and international law schools in terms of curriculum, pedagogy, innovation in teaching methods, and adding new interfaces addressing emerging new issues.
  • Bennett Journal of Legal Studies (BJLS) is an annual journal proposed to be published by the School of Law, Bennett University, Greater Noida. The journal seeks to serve as an interdisciplinary forum for examining socio-legal issues from contemporary perspectives
  • The Journal is currently soliciting submissions for Volume 4 (February 2023).


  • In its initiative to advance research and publication in contemporary areas of legal studies, School of Law, Bennett University is pleased to announce ‘Bennett Journal of Legal Studies(BJLS)’ Volume 4 proposed to be released in February 2023 on the Theme “Contemporary Legal Challenges to the Rule of Law in the 21st Century”.
  • Rule of Law has been the touchstone of human civilization over the centuries for social interactions and transactions between human beings through the prisms of equality and justice. Within the discourse of rule of law, States have sought to harmonize distinct interest groups to retain political continuum and relevance.
  • However, with the last century bringing unprecedented and permanent changes in human society, the State has per se struggled to retain their authority on obsequent and hostile constituencies. The 21st century has continued these changes in an exponential manner and the concept of Rule of Law is placed in a gordian knot dilemma.
  • Artificial intelligence, gender fluidity, climate change are terms unfamiliar with previous generations but have become part of the lingua franca in contemporary times. States which fail to engage in emergent glocal phenomena are bound to face challenges within their respective legal systems which threaten existing norms based on Rule of Law.

Sub Themes

Scholarly submissions are solicited from scholars, academicians, and practitioners to contribute critical articles within the framework of these challenges to the Rule of Law on the following suggested sub-themes:

  • Criminalization and Decriminalization of Social Media Content
  • Artificial Intelligence as the Inventor/Creator of Intellectual Property
  • Jurisprudence of Sentient Beings Rights
  • Gender Fluidity and Human Rights
  • Principles of Natural Justice and Flexibilities in Procedural Laws
  • Labour Rights in the Gig Economy
  • State Regulation of Neoliberal Tax and Investment Regimes
  • Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change Denial
  • Constitutionalism in Authoritarian and Totalitarian Regimes
  • New Approaches to Theorization in International Law
  • Use of Technology in International and Non-International Armed Conflicts
  • Jurisdictional Issues in Personal Laws
  • Data Protection and Privacy Concerns in Cyberspace
  • Corporate Governance Issues in Multinational Companies
  • Emerging Perspectives on Dissent and Legal Co-option
  • Any other sub-theme related to the main theme.

Editorial Policy

Contributors willing to submit articles to the BJLS should observe the Editorial Policy which can be viewed at the end of this post.

Submission Rules

  • All submissions are to be made online to [email protected]
  • The last date for receiving contributions is September 30, 2022.
  • Note: Please follow the Editorial Policy of the Journal given at the end of this post for making any submission to the Journal. Non-compliance with the Editorial Policy of the Journal shall lead to disqualification of the submission.

For any further clarifications please write at: [email protected]

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