NUSRL Journal of Law & Policy, [Vol. IX]

The Journal & Editorial Committee of National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi (NUSRL, Ranchi) hereby invites articles/research papers, case studies and book reviews on law and allied areas (it can be an inter-disciplinary study reflecting socio-economic and political ideas or contemporary issues) for publication in Volume IX of The NUSRL Journal of Law & Policy (ISSN: 2349-9982).
It is an endeavor of the NUSRL to become the beacon of legal education by encouraging synthesis of knowledge and best practices cutting across the academia and research fraternity.

Submission Guidelines
Word Limit

• Research papers (3,000- 5,000 words)
• Book reviews (1000-2000 words)
• Case Studies/Commentaries (1000-3000 words)
However, looking at the quality and depth of research, relaxation may be given and word limit may vary. Entries from all aspects of law whether direct or applied are encouraged.

Entries from scholars including students pursuing Bachelors or Masters Course in law and any other allied discipline of Social Science, Humanities and Managements would be accepted.

Citation Style
The Bluebook Uniform System of Citation (19th Edition) shall be strictly adhered to for Law and MLA style Citation for Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Times New Roman font, Font Size 12 is prescribed for all entries. Further, the footnotes shall be in Font Size 10 and line spacing of 1.5 and 1.0 shall be followed respectively for Main Text & Footnotes.

Mode of Submission
Entries are to be sent at – [email protected] latest by 30th November 2022. No hard copy of the same is required.

Additional Guidelines
Submission must be made in “Word File/.doc/.docx” format. PDF files are not allowed.
The first page of the submission must be a Cover Page with all the particulars of the Author & the Co-author like Name, Institution’s Name, Designation, Semester, Course Name, Mobile Number & E-mail Id.

Rename your Research Paper file before sending it. The name of the submitted Word File should be – “Name of the Author & Co-author (if any)”
For Example: Sirish Prakash and Ayush Koushik & Radhika Sinha

Publication Policy
• All the submissions sent to the University must be original and attached with a declaration to the effect that should not have been published nor should they be under consideration for publication in any other journal.
• Plagiarized entries are liable to be rejected.
• The editors reserve the right to delete or edit any article or part thereof whose content
is found to be offensive, defamatory, outrightly unethical or if it is suggestive of racism, sexual or religious discrimination, illegal or terror activities, etc.

Contact Details
For any further queries, kindly contact us on the following numbers –
• Dr. Subir Kumar. Mobile No: 8580322069
• Dr. Rabindra Kumar Pathak. Mobile No: 7903105370
• Dr. Priya Vijay. Mobile No: 9369550018
• Dr. Gunjan. Mobile No: 8580322043

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