International Conference On ‘Interpersonal Crimes, Law Forensics, and Victimization In The 21st Century’ Organised By International Institute of Justice and Police Sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India [24-25 June 2023]: Register & Submit Abstract By 15th May 2023

About the Organisation

International Institute of Justice & Police Sciences (IIJPS) is a Not-for-Profit Academic Institution & Independent Think Tank headquartered at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. IIJPS is founded by Professor K. Jaishankar with a vision to be an Institution of Academic Excellence with total commitment to Quality Education, Research, Training, Consultancy and Outreach in Crime and Security Sciences with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society.. IIJPS is an Autonomous Unit of the Appa Education and Research Foundation (AERF) and Lombroso Education and Services (OPC) Pvt Ltd  is the Sponsoring Body of the IIJPS.

IIPS mission is to provide Education, Research, Training, Consultancy and Outreach services in the broad areas of Justice and Police Sciences: Criminology, Victimology, Police & Correctional Studies, Security Studies & Management, Cyber Criminology & Cyber Security, Social Work, Forensic Sciences & Medicine, Justice Governance & Public Policy and other allied areas of research and to act as a Think Tank and Advise, Guide and Support the Justice Stakeholders in Crime, Justice & Victim Policies through Sustained Research.

The Conference is organized by the International Institute of Justice & Police Sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (World’s Ist Institute of Excellence in Crime Science, Justice Science, Police and Security Sciences, a Non-Profit Academic Institute and an Independent Think Tank) established by Lombroso Education and Services (OPC) Pvt Ltd (Registered under Companies Act, Government of India) and sponsored by Appa Education and Research Foundation (AERF) in collaboration with South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV) .

Details Of The Event

  • Theme: Interpersonal Crimes, Law, Forensics and Victimization In The 21st Centaury
  • Date of the event: 24-25 June 2023
  • Mode: Hybrid Mode (Both Offline & Online mode)
  • Last date of registration & submission of abstract: 15th May 2023
  • Last date of early bird registration: 20th May 2023
  • Abstract Submission form: CLICK HERE to fill the form. Abstract must be of 200-250 words. Only the abstract submitted through the above google form will be taken for review and Abstracts sent directly via email to us will not be taken for review and discarded. Avoid submitting papers of descriptive/overview nature and avoid plagiarism.
  • Registration fee:
  • Sub Themes & Abstract Submission:
    • Interpersonal Crimes against Women
    • Interpersonal crimes against Children and Youth and Children in Conflict with Law
    • Interpersonal Crimes against Men
    • Culture Conflict and Victimization of Groups
    • Interpersonal Cyber Crimes
    • Role of Law in Managing Interpersonal Crimes
    • Forensic Sciences and Forensic Psychology in Interpersonal Crime Investigation. CLICK HERE for details related to Sub Themes & Abstract Submission
  • Important rules related to abstract submission:
    • All the submitted abstracts will be sent to two international experts for review. The Programme Committee will receive the reviews and will take a final decision of selection or rejection in consultation with the General Chair and the General Chair will announce the Results via email to the authors.
    • The online abstract submission form will automatically close by midnight GMT of 16th May 2023.  The Online Abstract submission form will be made operational until 11.59 PM 16th May 2023 Indian Standard Time for facilitating both Indian and International presenters. Abstracts sent via email to us will not be accepted.
    • The International Institute of Justice and Police Sciences (IIJPS) and the South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV) is committed to the academic community and the lay world in ensuring ethics. Plagiarism is strictly condemned and abstracts found to be plagiarized will be removed or will not be taken for review. All abstracts will undergo plagiarism check via plagiarism software. The Free Dictionary by Farlex defines Plagiarism as “The act of appropriating the literary composition of another author, or excerpts, ideas, or passages there from, and passing the material off as one’s own creation”. Any sort of cut and paste work from the Internet will not be accepted. Please try to paraphrase or write on your own. While giving exact quotes put the lines in ” “. Please avoid submitting papers of descriptive/overview nature.
    • Two or more authors (maximum three) can jointly submit a single abstract or a maximum of three abstracts. If the abstract(s) is selected for presentation, all the authors have to register for the conference to receive the certificate of presentation. If an author does not register he/she will not receive the certificate of presentation.
    • If an author’s abstract is selected, and if he she fails to register and to pay registration fee the paper will not be included in the final programme.
    • All the authors are expected to attend the Conference to present their papers in person. In a rare instance, if the main author is not able to present he/she can depute the registered co-author to present. NO CERTIFICATES WILL BE ISSUED ‘IN ABSENTIA’. Certificates of Presenters who do not turn up to the conference, will be shredded on the last day of the Conference.
    • Sending in an abstract implies a commitment to actually participate to the conference. Those unable to come, are urged to make this known to the Conference Organizers as soon as possible. Not showing up without any notice will harm the quality of the panel session.
    • For publication of revised papers: After the Conference, an expert committee will select top 20 quality papers based on the abstracts and presentation of the authors at the conference and revised papers (not exceeding 8000 words) will be invited from the selected authors, (Sufficient time would be provided to write) and will be published in a special conference edition of an edited book volume to be published by Taylor and Francis Group.

For More Information:

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